Sydney, 1971-74

George Almanza (piano)
Richard Clapton (guitar)
Henry Correy (bass)
Renee Geyer (vocals) 1971-72
Starlee Ford (vocals) 1972-73
Gary Norwell (drums)
Steve Phillipson (vocals, bass, guitar)
Keith Shadwick (sax, flute , clarinet, vocals)
Chris Sonnenberg (guitar)
Tony Slavich (keyboards, vocals)


Progressive jazz-rock band Sun was formed by Henry Correy, Gary Norwell and Keith Shadwick, former members of Wollongong band King Biscuit. Sun's main claim to fame is of course its original lead singer, the legendary Renee Geyer. She was a founding member of the band, along with Correy, Norwell, Shadwick, Steve Phillipson (later replaced by Chris Sonnenberg) and George Almanza. In early 1972 they were signed up by the Australian division of RCA Records, for whom they made their only recording (and Renee's first) the LP Sun 1972. Although dismissed as "no great shakes" by Vernon Joyson, it is now a collector's item, principally because of the presence of Renee; as far as we know it has never been reissued on CD and the original LPs is now a collector's item.

Geyer left Sun shortly after they recorded their album and she was replaced by Starlee Ford, who remained with the band until it split up in late 1974. At New Year 1972-73 Sun played at the ill-fated Bungool Festival near Windor, NSW, which was poorly attended due conflict with the local council, which led to the first day of the event being cancelled. After leaving Sun, Renee briefly worked with Free Spirit and Nine Stage Horizon before joining Mother Earth (who were also on the bill at Bungool). In 1973 she embarked on her hugely successful solo career. 

Keith Shadwick went on to play with seminal Melbourne new wave band High Rise Bombers (1977-78), which featured both Martin Armiger (Sports) and Paul Kelly. Keyboard player Tony Slavich had two stints in the Richard Clapton Band, played with Mike Rudd and Bill Putt in Ariel (1976-77), Instant Replay (1978-79) and The Heaters (1979) and also worked with the Emmanuel brothers in both Goldrush and the Phil Emmanuel Band. George Almanza contributed keyboards to the Albatross LP A Breath Of Fresh Air (1973) and also played on the 1978 album by Maureen Elkner.



Aug. 1972
Sun 1972 (RCA Victor SL-102164)

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