Sydney, 1970-71

Michael Carlos (keyboards)
Bobbi Marchini (vocals)
Bon Scott (vocals)
Richard Lockwood (reeds, horns)
Steve Bowden (horns)
Michael Cousins (horns)
John Robinson (guitar)
Harry Brus (bass)
Robert Taylor (drums)


This short-lived band replaced Sherbet as the resident group at Jonathan's Disco on Broadway in Sydney, where they alternated with Fraternity. It boasted a wealth of talent, with members drawn from several renowned Sydney bands of the period. 

John Robinson and Harry Brus had both played in The Dave Miller Quartet in the late '60s, Bobby Marchini had come from popular club band Southern Comfort, and Carlos, Taylor and Lockwood were all former members of two noted Sydney bands, the legendary club band Levi Smiths Clefs and renowned '60s 'underground' group Tully.

Hunger dissolved at the end of its residency at Jonathon's. Marchini joined Duck then established a solo career, before leaving Australia. Scott joined Fraternity and later of course went on to AC/DC. Robinson formed Blackfeather, then joined Duck and went on to participate in many other projects and bands. Richard Lockwood joined the 1971-72 lineup of Tamam Shud while Carlos moved on to work with the original Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar, from which formed the Baxter Funt Orchestra, which backed Reg Livermore, Jeannie Lewis and others.


Hunger made no known commercial or private recordings.

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Thanks to Michael Cousins, Bobbi Marchini and John Robinson.

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