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All Media Guide
- leading internet media database, with many entries for Australian music

The Archive
Being a history ( of sorts ) of Rock festivals of the United Kingdom , from 1961 to 1975. Top stuff!

Ausmusic Discussion Network
- e-mail discussion list, message board, chat area, music news

Aussie Bands Page
- links, links and more links!

Australian Audio Recording Equipment
- Adelaide electronics buff Peter O'Neill has compiled a very valuable site about one of the least-known aspects of the Australian recording industry. Like so many other areas of commercial endeavour, our indigenous electronics industry was strangled by the abolition of protective tariffs in the mid-1970s, as the unstoppable behemoth of Yankee "free trade" crushed everything in its path. Thanks to Peter's site, however, you can find out all you need to know about Australian recording gear including tape decks and other equipment made by long-gone Aussie firms like Plessey, Rola, Byer and Magnecord.

Australian Blues
- Craig Smith's comprehensive site on Australia blues artists

Australian Music World Wide Web Site
- links and pages for over 2000 Australian artists

Australian Music Resources
- Aussie music links compiled by ANU Library

Australian Rock Exchange
- WWW reference source for the Australian music industry and the public

Australian Rock Database
- SuperSwede Magnus Holmgren's excellent searchable database of Aussie bands/artists, including many 60s/70s acts, and lots of discographical data

Australian Music Industry Webring

Australian Singles List 1966-72
- Psychlists' comprehensive discography including catalogue no's. The site also includes similar lists for NZ, UK and USA.


The Bear's Art Pages
Believe it or else, this is the homepage for "The Bear" -- better known as the legendary (or infamous, depending on your outlook) Augustus Owsley Stanley III. Not only is The Bear alive and well and producing art and music -- he is reported to be living in Queensland -- as is another '60s US counterculture icon, Chip Monck. Break on through ...

Bomp Records Links Page
Dozens and dozens of bonza links to groovy music sites (including ours!)

Borderline Books
An excellent resource which includes online versions of four recent Borderline music publications. Of special interest are the three books by Vernon Joyson, especially his Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares, which contains numerous entries for Australian and New Zealand acts:

Dreams, Fantasies & Nightmares
Canadian, Australasian & Latin American Rock & Pop 1963 - 75

The Tapestry Of Delights
British Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock 1963 - 1976

Fuzz, Acid & Flowers
American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975


Cutie Morning Moon: Trans World '60s Punk
With a name like that, how can you resist? A great site dedicated to '60s garage punk

- WWW access to Usenet newsgroups, including many music-related groups like

Delerium's Psychedelic Web Of Sound
- psychedelic music, Space Rock, Prog Rock from the 60s to the 90s

Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop
- the online version of Ian McFarlane's definitive tome, hosted by Whammo

Directory of Australian Country Music
- "The foremost authority on Australian country music"

Discography of New Zealand Popular Music 1958-1987
"This discography covers 1230 audio recordings by New Zealand rock, jazz, folk, blues and bluegrass musicians published between 1958 and 1987. It includes LPs, EPs and cassettes, but not singles or CDs. The discography was originally published in 1990 by the New Zealand Library Association under the title "Sound recordings of New Zealand popular music", and is still available in many New Zealand libraries. The electronic version was created in July 1998." Don McNaughton, who compiled it, is a dead-set legend. Five stars!

Fast Food Scrapbook
- includes rare pics of Sixties and Seventies Oz and Kiwi acts

Gallery of Surf Classics - Surf Movie Posters of the 60's.
A great site with images of many vintage surf movie posters, including Paul Witzig's Oz classics EVOLUTION and A LIFE IN THE SUN.


Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
- excellent UK-based online encyclopedia with numerous references to Aussie/NZ bands

The Girl Groups Fan Club
A great US site dedicated to the classic "girl" groups and female solo artists of the 50s and 60s
A great site featuring classic gig posters, past and present, and lots more. The site includes images of three of Ian McCausland's classic '70s tour posters for The Stones and The Faces.

One of the most up-to-date sources on the net for guitarists and guitar lovers. It includes "Guitar News Weekly", a weekly zine that you can read on this site or have emailed to you.

Highway 49
- the Australian Blues homepage

The History of Rock'n'Roll
A great American site detailing the history of the original rock'n'roll era 1956-64

- Ed Nimmervol's superb OzMusic site


K-Tel Classics
- if you ever owned a copy of 20 Electrifying Hits, Vol.2, then this rip-snorting, dynamic chartstopping website will do it right for you! But wait, there's more ...!

"Labels Strive to Rectify Past Archival Problems"
- Bill Holland's award-winning, heart-rending article, written for Billboard in 1997. It reveald the shocking story of how huge chunks of America's recorded musical heritage have been lost or destroyed by carelessness, indifference and stupidity. Not for the faint-hearted, but a story that has to be told.

Marmalade Skies
A history of British psychedelia 1966-70, featuring many of the groups and films that appeared during this period; also the parent site of the excellent Sweet Floral Albion e-zine.

Marshall Amplification
Nigel Tufnel's favourite website.

Day to day musical history site

Mr Blues
- Mark "Radar" Watson's Blues Haven

Moog Archives
Excellent site documenting the history of pioneering synthesiser boffin Dr Bob Moog and his marvellous machines.

Morning Of The Earth
A great new site dedicated to Alby Falzon's epoch-making surf film and soundtrack

Moonlight Publications
If you really want to get the drum about Australian music, this is the place to go. Chris Spencer and his pals, creators of the legendary Who's Who of Australian Rock, have written and/or published a wealth of resources about Aussie rock and pop from the Fifties to the present, and it's all listed and available here on their Moonlight website.

Morning Of The Earth
A great new site dedicated to Alby Falzon's epoch-making surf film and soundtrack

MusicAustralia is an exciting new web-based service developed by the National Library of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive. The site will help you to find, access and navigate a rich store of information on Australian music, musicians, organisations and services from a single access point. You can find music scores, sound recordings, websites and a range of other music-related material held by a large number of Australia's cultural institutions, or described by specialist music services. It covers all formats, styles and genres, and both heritage and contemporary music. You can also find information about people and organisations. Some of the music is available is online, so you can read a score held by the National Library of Australia and listen to a sound recording delivered by the National Film and Sound Archive at the same time. Most music is not available online, but copies can often be borrowed or purchased through organisations contributing to MusicAustralia.

The Musician's Olympus
Miguel Terol's carefully researched and authoritative site is an exemplary internet music resource. It's still under construcion (I know the feeling) but already contains a wealth of hyperlinked information about leading instrumentalists and singers. 10/10!


Newcastle Bands Database
A great Aussie site devoted to documenting the thriving Newcastle music scene from the 1960s to the present day, with listings for many local bands including details of personnel, history, discography and photos.

New Zealand Music of the 60s and 70s
Bruce Sergeant's exemplary site covering scores of New Zealand acts. The perfect Kiwi complement to MILESAGO, if we may be so bold!

Pop Archives
Lynn Nuttall's superbly informative new site, dedicated to chasing down the history and sources of Australasian pop singles of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK
ìA dark corner of the void dedicated to Psychedelia, Acid Rock, Progressive Rock, Garage Bands, 60ís Punk, Freakbeat, wig-lifting rarities, books, posters, lightshows and other STRANGE items related to pSycheDelic music.........î

Recording Technology History
Steve Schoenherr has compiled this truly comprehensive overview of recording and broadcasting technology from its beginnings in the late 1800s to the digital revolution of today. TONS of info, heaps of links and references and illustrations galore make this a must-see site.


Searching For Shakes
Menachem Turchick has compiled an amazingly comprehensive database of 60s garage-psych bands, songs and compilation albums, which includes many Aussie and Kiwi acts. It can be downloaded from the Searchin' For Shakes website as a Microsoft Access '97 file, or you can browse an HTML version at

Shel Talmy: The Richie Unterberger Interview
- fascinating interview with the producer of The Kinks and The Who includes mentions of his work with The Easybeats and Axiom

Sixties Central
"...the fads, fashions and famous people of the 1960's, with a focus on sixties fashion design and fashion designers."

Sixties City
Hundreds of pages with info and images covering various aspects of the Beat Boom decade. If you're looking for nostalgia good times and great music you're in the right place!"

Sixties Pop Diary
A yearly guide to the Sixties, including fashion, genres, records, books and more.


Studio Connections
- although primarily a commercial site, Colin Abrahams' terrific 'Studio Connections' pages are really worth a visit by Oz Rock fans. A former house engineer at Albert's under the legendary Bruce Brown, Colin has compiled technical information, a special section on studio history, including Albert's Studios, photos, hilarious behind-the-console stories and lots more.

Sydney Blues Society

Sweet Floral Albion
- "A switched-on mag for switched-on people, the world's only e-zine devoted to all the day-glo aspects and technicolored manifestations & machinations of BRITISH PSYCHEDELIA ~ music, literature, fashion, art, & other groovy scenes." SFA use "British" in its imperial sense and this great site also includes a lot of information about Aussie psych bands and reviews of Aussie compilations. Well worth a look. Issue #25 includes an excellent interview with former Steve & The Board/ Groove drummer Geoff Bridgford.


3rd Ear Music
3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years Archive Project is a unique collection of alternative South African music - Live Recordings from Festivals, Concerts & Clubs & independent Studios - 1964 to 1994 - S. African music legends & forgotten heroes - from Township Jazz to City Folk, from Zulu Maskandi to Political Rock 'n Roll. It includes a great section called Sound & PA History in South Africa ñ The '69 Woodstock connection to Africa

Ultimate Guide To Canberra Musicians
- Uncle Baz's superb site devoted to Canberrra bands of the 60s, 70s and beyond ...

The Ultimate List
- heaps of Australian band and resource links

The Vox Showroom
The company that was arguably THE sound of Sixties music, Vox were official suppliers to The Beatles and The Stones, and creators of the legendary AC-30 amplifier, the classic Mark VI ("Teardrop") and Phantom guitars, the Continental organ and the Vox Wah-Wah pedal. If you need a reason for the Internet to exist, this brilliant site is as good as any we've seen.

Watkins Electric Music History
Charlie Watkins made the legendary Copicat tape echo machine, developed the famed WEM amplifiers and created the very first modern concert PA systems in the late '60s. Charlie himself has penned this fascinating history of his work and his company.

World's Music in Australia
- great African/world music site by Christo van Rensburg, includes section on African music in Australia



Peter Thorogood's site covers aspects of the social history of the Menzies/Vietnam era, with pages on radio, TV books music and more.

Australian Performing Group / Pram Factory Research Site
A beauty. Terrific hypertext introduction to the work of this seminal Aussie theatre group

This is Baader-Meinhof
A remarkable site detailing one of the darkest chapters in postwar German history, the murderous exploits of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group.

Bohemian Rhapsody
An interesting ABC mini-site about the eponymous 1997 TV documentary about Australia's 'bohemian' tradition. The site includes Tony Moore's essay Romancing the City: Australia's bohemian tradition

The Beat Generation and The Sixties
Alan Keig's guide to web resources about the Beat movement and its influence on the spirit of the Sixties

The Canberra House: modern residential architecture in the ACT
A great resource about the buildings and architectural styles of the national capital

Gerry Carlin's Sixties Pages
An excellent collection of sources, resources and writings about the Sixties

Crime Scene - Melbourne Underworld

Di's Place
A great personal site maintained by Di Bingham, it includes terrific sections on "Growing Up in Brisbane" and "Brisbane in the Sixties".

Dimensions in Time (ABC-TV)
Hosted by George Negus, this excellent weekly half-hour series presents stories that explore the history of Australian culture and society, using the ABC's extensive archives. The series covers many aspects of our social history from indigenous culture to the squattocracy, from the post-war migrants who built the 'Snowy' to adventurers, inventors, pop culture and politics. The Dimensions website is a valuable resource in its own right, containing transcripts of all previous programs from 2001 to the present.

Francis James
The home page for the Francis James Collection at Penrith City Library

Fred Harden Photographic History
Fred began his photographic career as a student at RMIT and his superb site includes four great mini-archives of of his photos -- Fitzroy pub and street life in the late '60s, the late Howard Lindley (friend and fan of The Masters Apprentices), the late PM Harold Holt sitting for a portrait bust at RMIT, and a section with images from the Wallacia and Sunbury festivals and the Vietnam Moratorium marches.

Albert Hoffman: - LSD: My Problem Child
The fascinating memoirs of the man who discovered acid.

National Archives Of Australia

Prime Ministers of Australia

The Psychedelic Sixties
A great social history site with loads of images, prepared by the Special Collections Dept, University of Virginia

The Sixties Project
A collective of humanities scholars working together on the Internet to use electronic resources to provide routes of collaboration and make available primary and secondary sources for researchers, students, teachers, writers and librarians interested in the Sixties.

SoC: The State of Censorship - Australia
Censorship was a focal point of confrontation between conservative and progressive forces in the '60s and '70s, and there were arrests and court battles galore over banned or "obscene" books, magazines, plays, films and records and even song lyrics. Things are a lot better now, but it is worth remembering that censorship has not been abolished -- it has merely been relaxed. The Internet has brought the censorship debate back to the forefront of the social agenda. This site is a must.
A top site on Aussie surf culture, with fantastic sections covering the history of surfing, "Pods For Primates" (a very extensive catalogue of Australian surfboards), surfing books, surf film, surfing magazines and heaps more. Cowabunga, dudes!

Swingin' Chicks of the '60s
"From Marilyn to "Batgirl," Twiggy to "Jeannie," Annette to "99," the Swingin' Sixties' swinginest chicks unite for a kooky (but respectful) celebration of swingin' style." Oh, be-have!

The Aftermath: The Turbulent Sixties

Vietnam War - A Critical Analysis of Australia's Entrance Into War



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