Category: Australian independent label

Date: ca. 1964-65

Location: Chapel St, Prahran, Vic.

Ownership: John Morrison

Distribution: unknown


The Melbourne-based Trend label is one of the more obscure independent labels to appear in the mid-1960s in Australia, with only five singles and one EP identified so far. 

Trend released the debut single by pop band The Town Criers, who scored several hits in the late 1960s, most notably their cover of "Everlasting Love". It also issued an early (uncatalogued) single by noted Melbourne group The Spinning Wheels and the only single by Melbourne band The Union (formerly known as The Boys) which was fronted by David "Dr Pepper" Pepperell, who later co-founded the fondly-remembered Melbourne record store Archie'n'Jugheads (with Keith Glass) and wrote for Go-Set, Daily Planet and Juke.

The only known Trend EP (shown above) was a four-track disc which was evidently custom pressed for the band (probably by EAST studios) when the group was still known as The Boys.



Cat. # Date Artist Title
? 1964 The Co-Asians "Theme from Dr No"
"On My Mind"
TT-101 1965 The Town Criers "The world keeps going round"
"Big Deal"
TT-102 1965? The Union "The End"
"The Thump"
TT-103 1965 Gemini 5 "No No No"
"I'm Your Man"
? 1965 The Spinning Wheels "Hi Heeled Sneakers"


Cat. # Date Artist Title Tracks
uncatalogued demo 1964? The Boys ? Side 1: ?
Side 2: "It's the end" / "You Never Wanted Me"

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