David Pepperell
aka "Dr Pepper"
Musician, journalist

by David Pepperell

1966 Singer with band The Union - released single The Thump - reissued
on Missing Link EP in 1978.

1971 Founded Archie'n'Jugheads Records - Australias first import/rock
record shop with Keith Glass.

1971-2 Regular contributor to Daily Planet.

1973- 4 Regular contributor to Go-Set.

1975-6 Regular contributor and columnist (as Doctor Pepper) for Juke.

1976 Raphael Alias, a collection of writings published by Outback Press.

In my time I covered most major tours including Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, Yes, Lou Reed, Deep Purple, Focus, Average White Band, Wings, Lindisfarne, Slade, T.Rex, etc. as well as local gigs and music festivals including the Sunburys. I wrote liner notes for albums by Richard Clapton
(who dedicated a song "Goodbye Tiger" to me and my habit of calling everyone "Tiger" including him!), Dave Warner, Live at the Station and Company Caine. I reformed Company Caine, reissued their classic album Product Of A Broken Reality and recorded a new one Doctor Chop in 1975.

I wrote songs with and for Ross Wilson and contributed a song to the Australian film STREET HERO. I presented programs on 3RRR-FM from its inception to the mid eighties. I
wrote "Specials" on Lou Reed, Laura Nyro, Psychedelic Rock and Punk Rock for ABC-FM. I also contributed to Rolling Stone, Digger, Nation Review, Ear For Music and Metro (which I named). Outside of that I raised a family of three boys and had a social life akin to the Marquis de Sade.


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