Category: British-owned record label

Date: ca. 1909 - present

Location: Sydney, NSW (EMI head office)

- primary label of The Gramophone Company, 1909-1931
- subsidary label of EMI, 1931-present

Staff producers / A&R managers: Joe Halford (1950s - ca.1965)


His Master's Voice -- typically referred to by its abbreviation HMV -- is one of the oldest record labels in the world, and HMV's famous "Nipper" trademark is probably the most famous of all label logos. HMV was one of the four main subsidiary labels operated by EMI in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other countries from the 1930s to the 1970s, alongside the Columbia, Parlophone and Regal Zonophone labels. 

The HMV name originated with EMI's ancestor, The Gramophone Company, which was founded in the UK in 1898. The renowned trademark that gave the label its name is the famous picture of the Jack Russell terrier "Nipper" listening to a gramophone recording of his dead master. The original image was created by English artist Francis Barraud, A.R.A. According to contemporary publicity material, the dog in the picture, Nipper, had originally belonged to Barraud's brother Mark. When Mark Barraud died, Francis inherited Nipper, along with a cylinder phonograph and a number of recordings of Mark's voice. Barraud noted the peculiar interest that the dog took in the recorded voice of his late master and decided to create a painting from it, since sentimental or comical scenes of domestic animals were very popular in the Victorian period.

In early 1899, Barraud applied for copyright of the original painting, using the descriptive working title "Dog looking at and listening to a Phonograph". He was unable to sell the work to any cylinder phonograph company, but later that year The Gramophone Company purchased it, on the condition that Barraud would paint over the cylinder machine and repaint one of the company's disc machines. On the original painting, the overpainted image of the cylinder player can apparently be discerned under the newer paint if viewed in the right light. The image was first used on the company's publicity material in 1900, and numerous additional copies were subsequently commissioned from the artist for various corporate purposes. In all it is thought that Barraud painted around 26 copies of the original image.

In Commonwealth countries, the Gramophone Co. did not use Nipper on its record labels until 1909, when the company started replacing of its earlier 'Recording Angel' trademark with the 'Nipper' image. Some recordings produced during this change-over period feature Nipper on the top half of the label, with a reduced version of the Recording Angel at the bottom, but the Angel logo was soon phased out completely. The Gramophone Co. was never formally called "HMV" or "His Master's Voice" -- except in New Zealand, where its subsidiary traded as His Master's Voice (New Zealand) Ltd -- but the company was typically referred to as HMV because of the trademark. 

Records issued by the Gramophone Co. before February 1908 were generally referred to as "G&Ts", while those after that date are usually called "HMV" records. The Gramophone Co. / EMI was a very productive company, and between 1898 and 1958 it released around 500,000 different 78rpm titles through its various labels -- HMV's venerable British "B" series (1909-1958) includes about 9400 titles.

At the request of the disc gramophone's inventor, Emile Berliner, the American rights to the picture were purchased by his Victor Talking Machine Company. Victor used Nipper as their trademark in the USA, Canada, Latin America and it was also used by Victor of Japan. From 1902 on all Victor records used a simplified drawing based on Barraud's painting, and magazine advertisements urged record buyers to "Look for the dog". When RCA purchased Victor in 1929 it took over the Nipper logo, and this became the RCA Victor logo until the early 1970s. However, in Commonwealth countries (except Canada) the name 'His Master's Voice' and the Nipper logo remained the property of the Gramophone Co. and its subsidiaries. . 

The Gramophone Co. became EMI through a convoluted series of takeovers and divestitures. In 1920 The Gramophone Co. (UK) was taken over by the Victor Talking Machine Company, and in 1927 The Gramophone Co. UK bought a controlling interest in the Carl Lindstrǒm Company of Germany, which owned the Parlophone label. In 1929 Victor was itself taken over by RCA, which thereby gained a controlling interest in The Gramophone Co and ownership of the American rights to the Nipper logo. In 1931 RCA merged The Gramophone Co. with Columbia Graphophone and the Parlophone and the new Anglo-American group was incorporated as Electric & Music Industries Ltd (EMI).

Around 1934 EMI was forced to sell Columbia US because of anti-trust actions taken by its competitors, and in 1935 RCA sold its stake in EMI. Columbia (US) was initially bought by ARC-Brunswick, and this firm in turn was taken over by CBS in 1936. Columbia became the main CBS label in the Americas and Japan. However, EMI retained the rights to the Columbia name in most other territories and it operated Columbia alongside its other labels until 1972, when the label was retired and replaced by the EMI Records label.  The Columbia trademark is now used exclusively by CBS-Sony.

From the 1930s to the 1950s EMI released a wide range of popular and other titles on HMV, including famous recordings of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. and after 1958 (when 78rpm records were phased out) it took over many artists from EMI's Regal Zonophone label, which was also closed at this time (although it was revived in the late 1960s). In the late 1990s HMV was restructured to become EMI's classical music label, while Parlophone continues to release a wide range of popular music.

HMV in Australasia

The Gramophone Co. opened its first Australian record plant in Erskineville, Sydney in 1925. With record sales booming in the late 1920s, a new and bigger plant was opened at Homebush in 1927, and this became the company's main production and distribution centre in Australia for the next 60 years. The opening of the Homebush complex coincided with the first locally-made titles in HMV's long-running "EA" Australian series. Titles sourced from HMV's enduring British "B" series were also pressed locally, and there were many other local Australian and New Zealand series of varying duration, including 'EB', 'EC', 'ED', 'HR' (NZ), 'LA' and 'TA', a late 1950s children's series pressed on yellow vinyl.

The 1931 merger that created EMI brought HMV, Columbia and Parlophone under the control of one company, and created the new Regal Zonophone label with the merger of the Gramophone Co. subsidiary Regal and the Columbia subsidiary Zonophone. The Gramophone Co. (Australia) continued trading under that name until 1949, and HMV label recordings continued to carry the credit "Made by/for The Gramophone Co. (Australia) Ltd" into the 1950s. Similarly, Columbia records pressed in Australia continued to carry the credit "Made for Columbia Graphophone (Australia) Ltd", and it would appear that the two companies were not formally wound up and absorbed into EMI (Australia) until around 1958, although it is assumed that both became wholly-owned subsidiaries of EMI (UK) after 1931.

From the 1920s to 1958 The Gramophone Co / EMI issued records in Australia through its four main labels -- HMV, Columbia and Parolophone were its full-price labels, and Regal Zonophone was its lower-price label. Thousands of titles were released on these labels; EMI's main archive of 78rpm recordings at its Hayes (UK) headquarters reportedly contains a copy of almost every title ever released -- about 500,000 in all. HMV's venerable "B" series (1909-1958) numbers around 3400 titles alone.

Prior to 1958 most EMI recordings of Australian artists were released on the Regal Zonophone label, which discovered and signed pioneering "hillbilly" (i.e. country) artists like Slim Dusty, Reg Lindsay and Chad Morgan. In 1958 EMI ended production of 78rpm records worldwide and switched to the new vinyl microgroove format. At the same time, the company wound up the old Regal Zonophone label; its last release in Australia was on 1 May 1958. RZ was revived in the UK in the late 1960s and used for acts such as The Move, who were signed to an independent deal with producers Denny Cordell and Tony Visconti, and it continues in use to the present. With the closure of Regal Zonophone, the Australian acts who recorded for the label were moved to either HMV or Columbia; it appears that few if any Australian performers recorded for Parlophone prior to 1964. 

Under the supervision of English-born producer Joe Halford -- A&R manager from the late 1950s until 1965, when he moved to Festival -- HMV recorded many leading Australian and New Zealand popular artists of the early Sixties and helped to launch the careers of several, including Little Pattie and Patsy Ann (Trisha)  Noble. Between 1958 and 1975 HMV recorded many prominent Australian singers and groups including Chad Morgan, Jay Justin, The Chessmen, popular pianist Warren Williams, perennial vocal group The Delltones, Bryan Davies, Dave Bridge, The Allen Brothers, The Denvermen, Lonnie Lee, The Spinning Wheels, The Librettos, Jade Hurley, Buddy England, Grantley Dee, The Mixtures, The Masters Apprentices, The Town Criers, Johnny Farnham and Russell Morris. 

In a business that was heavily dominated by male performers, a notable feature of HMV's Australian roster was the relatively high proprtion of material it released by female performers, beginning with The Shepherd Sisters in 1957, and HMV can claim the credit for laqunching the careers of several of our most successful female singers of the 60s -- Bandstand discovery Patsy Ann Noble, Little Pattie, "Dynamic" Dinah Lee, Lynne Randell, Cheryl Gray (aka Samantha Sang) and Bev Harrell -- as well as Michelle Myers, Robyn Alvarez, Carol Deene, Vicki Forrest, The Taylor Sisters, Anne Reilly, Lynn Fletcher, Ann Sidney and Maggie Jodrell.

Although information on his career is scant, Joe Halford was evidently a multi-talented individual and he contributed musically to many of the songs he produced; he collaborated as a composer with a number of writers and musicians including guitarist Dave Bridge, and in the early Sixties he formed a productive writing partnership with HMV singer Jay Justin, with whom he composed many songs recorded by Justin himself and by several other HMV artists including Patsy Ann Noble, Little Pattie and Robyn Alvarez.

HMV figured prominently in surf music boom of the early Sixties, and especially the shortlived "Stomp" dance craze that swept the country in 1963. They issued Little Pattie's 1963 debut hit "He's My Blonde-Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Boy" / "Stompin' At Maroubra", which became a double-sided hit and launched her career. Encouraged by this success, HMV issued eight other local singles in this period with songs that featured the word "stomp" in the title. Other HMV surf-related recordings include The Denvermen's "Surfside", The Dave Bridge Trio LP Surfing Down Under and their 1964 single "Surfie Guitar". On the novelty side, HMV also released the two classic surf singles recorded by that most unlikely of pop singers, Robert Helpmann -- the fabulously awful "Surfer Doll" and its follow-up "Surf Dance" / "Let-A-Go Your Heart". The author of the B-side of this second single was Hawaiian-born composer and businessman Eaton Magoon Jr [9]. Magoon and Helpmann later collborated on the musicals Aloha! and Heathen!

Although the popular Nine network music-variety series Bandstand is strongly associated with Festival Records, several of the so-called "Bandstand Family" recorded for HMV, including Little Pattie, Bryan Davies, Patsy Ann (Trisha) Noble and The Allen Brothers. Another prominent and popular HMV act in this period was the influential Dave Bridge, who was widely regarded as the foremost electric guitarist in Australia at that time.

Another important HMV act of the mid-1960s, sadly not well remembered today, was singer Jay Justin, who recorded a more than a dozen singles, two EPs and three albums for the label between 1963 and 1967. Jay is a particularly interesting performer because he was one of the few solo singers of the period in Australia (Buddy England is another) who also composed his own material; as noted above, many of these songs were co-written with producer Joe Halford.

During 1964 the surf-music craze was overtaken by the onslaught of the "Beat Boom" and the global breakthrough of The Beatles. HMV scored an early lead in the new genre thanks to powerhouse vocalist "Dynamic" Dinah Lee, who had been discovered and signed to HMV in New Zealand. As well as being a pioneer of "Mod" fashion, Dinah's breakthrough 1964 single "Don't You Know Yokomo" made her the first New Zealand female artist (and only the second NZ act after Ray Columbus & The Invaders) to score a pop hit on the Australian Top 40. Her recordings also did much to promote the emerging Jamaican music ska craze in Australia and New Zealand and she was undoubtedly the first local artist to record singles in this new genre.

The following year HMV signed another Mod icon, Melbourne teenager Lynne Randell, who scored a hit with her debut "I'll Come Running". Her early recordings for HMV are highly regarded and are now collector's items for aficionados of the so-called "Northern Soul" genre.

In 1968 EMI Australia ended the separate cataloguing systems used by its house labels and on the labels it distributed, including Capitol, Decca, Deram, London, Stateside and Tamla-Motown. All labels were combined under a single unified numbering system which began at 8301. The '8000' series was presumably chosen because Parlophone's cataloguing, the highest range in use at the time, was numered in the low 8000s. In 1972 EMI closed down the Columbia label and  replaced it with the new EMI Records imprint; the Columbia name was eventually sold back to CBS-Sony, which now owns the trademark worldwide.



Australian recordings, 1958-75

EA-4280 1958 Chad Morgan "Come In, Sucker"
"The Rooster Crowed"
EA-4313 1958 Don Lang and his "Frantic Five" with the Norman Quartet "White Silver Sands"
"Again 'N' Again 'N' Again"
EA-4319 1957 The Shepherd Sisters "Alone (Why Must I Be Alone)"
"Congratulations To Someone"
EA-4337 1958 Don Lang and his Frantic Five "Ramshackle Daddy"
"6-5 Special"
EA-4342 1958 Don Lang and his Frantic Five "Hey Daddy"
"The Bird On My Head"
EA-4356 1959 Ted and Ray
The Victors
"Tell Him No" (Vocal)
"Guitar Boogie Shuffle" (Instrumental)
EA-4363 1959 Ray Hamilton "You Were Mine"
"Under Stars Of Love"
EA-4364 1959 Ray Melton with the Graduates "You Were Mine"
"Drop Me A Line"
EA-4368 1959 Alf Luciano Trio plus 2 featuring Grade Wicker and The Sapphires "Over The Rainbow"
"Prettiest Babe"
EA-4369 1959 Grade Wicker with The Alf Luciano Trio and The Sapphires "Mama's Little Baby"
"Why Cry"
EA-4372 1959 Grade Wicker with The Sapphires and The Gradians "Lulu Brown"
"Dreamin' 'Bout My Baby"
EA-4385 1960 Ian Crawford "Uptown" (Roy Orbison)
"D.J. Blues"
EA-4388 1959 Grade Wicker with The Alf Luciano Trio and The Sapphires "Prettiest Babe"
"Over The Rainbow"
EA-4389 1960 Jay Justin "Nobody's Darlin' But Mine"
"Sweet Sensation"
EA-4396 1960 Patsy Ann Noble (A Bandstand Discovery) "Like I'm In Love"
"I Love You So Much It Hurts"
EA-4400 1960 The Chessmen "Way Up Thar"
"Just Because"
EA-4401 1960 The Chessmen "The Stoogie"
"Hot Spell"
EA-4404 1960 Grade Wicker "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"
"Our Summer Romance"
EA-4406 1961 Warren Williams
Warren Williams with The Delltones
"Little Girl"
"Lovely, Lovely Habit"
EA-4410 1961 Patsy Ann Noble with The Delltones "Busy Lips"
"It's Always The Way"
EA-4412 1961 The Delltones "A Teenager In Love"
EA4414 1961 Michelle Myers "Lift Up The Latch"
"Joey Jump Jump"
EA-4415 1961 Sue Adams with The Noel Gilmour Quintet "Secret (Everybody's Talking)"
"The Chain Of Love"
EA-4418 1961 The Delltones "Even Tho'"
"String Along"
EA-4420 1961 Adam Wade with The George Paxton Orchestra and Chorus "Take Good Care Of Her"
"Sleepy Time Gal"
EA-4423 1961 Reyna Caron "Long Time Boy"
"Bay Of Naples"
EA-4424 1961 Grade Wicker "The Wild Colonial Boy"
EA-4425 1961 Bryan Davies "Dream Girl"
"Then I'll Know"
EA-4428 1961 Jay Justin "Why Don't You Try"
EA-4429 1961 The Dave Bridge
"Skip To My Lou"
"Sunday Morning"
EA-4430 1961 Johnny Maestro "What A Surprise"
"The Warning Voice"
EA-4431 1961 The Sapphires "Johnny Gunslinger"
"Oh, Oh, Rosie"
EA-4434 1962 The Allen Brothers "No Foolin' "
"Be An Angel"
EA-4435 1961 Adam Wade "The Writing On The Wall"
"Point Of No Return"
EA-4436 1961 George Karren "Ain't Gotta Girl"
"Winter Came Along"
EA-4439 1961 Patsy Ann Noble "A Guy Who Can Mend A Broken Heart"
"Good Looking Boy"
EA-4444 1961 Bryan Davies 'Five Foot Two"
"Ladder Of Love"
EA-4447 1962 Jay Justin "Oh, Please Be Mine"
"Promise Me"
EA-4448 1962 The Sapphires "High On A Mountain"
"Run, Come, See"
EA-4450 1962 Kevin Todd "Linda Lea"
"I Look For A Love"
EA-4452 1962 Dave Bridge "Tornado"
"The Tide"
EA-4455 1962 Robby Royal "Oh, You Beautiful Doll"
"Stay Away From Him"
EA-4456 1962 Bryan Davies "Twist-N-Twirlin'"
"Slicin' Sand Twist"
EA-4457 1962 The Allen Brothers "Baby Loves Me"
EA-4459 1962 The Sapphires "Aberdeen"
"Cella Somba"
EA-4460 1962 Patsy Ann Noble "I'm Not Supposed To Know"
"Oh, My Little Baby Darling (I Love You)"
EA-4461 1962 Dee Dee Sharp "Mashed Potato Time"
"Set My Heart At Ease"
EA-4465? 1962 Chad Morgan "There's No Night Out At The Jail"
"How Dare You Go To Bed"
EA-4465? 1962 Jimmy Soul "Twistin' Matilda"
"I Can't Hold Out Any Longer"
EA-4466 1962 Bryan Davies "Ten Pin Bowling"
"You're Gonna Fall"
EA-4467 1962 Kevin Todd "One More Fool And One More Broken Heart"
"The Magic Of Summer"
EA-4470 1962 Jay Justin "Little Miss Tease"
"Tomorrow Is Too Late"
EA-4471 1962 The Allen Brothers "There's Never Been A Girl Like You"
"Ain't Misbehavin'"
EA-4479 1962 Bryan Davies "Don't Ever No Never"
"Without A Shoulder To Cry On"
EA-4480 1962 Robyn Alvarez with Orchestra "No More Heart (No More Soul)"
"How Many Fools"
EA-4482 1962 The Dave Bridge Quartet "San Fernando Valley"
"Town Hall Shuffle"
EA-4485 1962 Digby Wolfe "The Party's Over"
"The White Cliffs Of Dover"
EA-4487 1962 Patsy Ann Noble "Don't Love And Run"
"Once In A Lifetime"
EA-4490 1962 Bobby Lewis "I'm Tossin' And Turnin' Again"
"Nothin' But The Blues"
EA-4491 1962 Digger Revell's Denvermen "Outback"
"The Mexican"
EA-4496 1962 Carol Deene "Some People" (from the film Some People)
"Kissin'" (from the film Band Of Thieves)
EA-4502 1962 Little Esther "Release Me"
"Don't Feel Rained On"
EA-4506 1963 Digger Revell's Denvermen "Surfside"
"Lisa Maree"
EA-4512 1963 Jay Justin "Proud Of You"
"Love Me, Love Me, Baby Darling"
EA-4513 1963 Robyn Alvarez with Orchestra "Do Me A Favour"
"Don't Come A Knockin' (On My Door)"
EA-4518 1963 Dave Bridge "The Swan"
"The Preacher"
EA-4524 1963 The Rebels "Wild Weekend"
"Wild Weekend" (Cha-Cha)
EA-4527 196? Johnny Thunder "Loop De Loop"
"Don't Be Ashamed"
EA-4534 1963 Bobby Comstock "Let's Stomp"
"I Want To Do It"
EA-4535 1963 Digger Revell with The Denver Men "Building Castles In The Air"
"The Habit Of Loving You"
EA-4541 1963 Charlie Russo Orchestra and Chorus "Preacherman"
EA-4545 1963 The Denvermen "Night Rider"
"Blue Mountains"
EA-4548 1963 Jimmy Soul "If You Wanna Be Happy"
"Don't Release Me"
EA-4552 1963 The Dave Bridge Trio "Trail Blazer"
"On The Town"
EA-4553 1963 Jay Justin "Three Act Play"
"Easy Come, Easy Go"
EA-4554 1963 Kevin Grealy "Letters"
"The Inland Skipper"
EA-4561 1963 The Denvermen "Avalon Stomp"
"Harbour Cruise"
EA-4562 1963 The Echomen "Ski Run"
EA-4566 1963 The Rocky Fellers "Like The Big Guys Do"
"Great Big World"
EA-4568 1963 The Sapphires "Where Is Johnny Now"
"Your True Love"
EA-4573 1963 Kevin Todd "Wishing Well"
"Never More"
EA-4575 1963 Freddy Cannon "Everybody Monkey"
"Oh Gloria"
EA-4576 1963 Al Lane "Roses And Girls"
"Till The End Of When"
EA-4577 1963 Vicki Forrest "Did You Get The Message"
"Every One But The Right One"
EA-4578 1963 The Taylor Sisters "Love Bandit"
"I'm In Love Again"
EA-4579 1963 Bryan Davies "Rich Boy"
"Biggity Big"
EA-4582 1963 Kyu Sakamoto "China Nights" ("Shina No Yoru")
"Benkyo No Cha Cha Cha"
EA-4583 1963 Roland Storm & The Statesmen "It's The Stomp"
"Heaven Only Knows"
EA-4584 1963 The Echomen "Board Walkin' "
"Strangers When We Meet"
EA-4588 1963 The Dave Bridge Trio "Bondi Stomp"
"Ridin' The Bower"
EA-4592 1963 The Busters "Bust Out"
EA-4595 1963 The Kiwis Four "Peter Gunn Stomp"
"Hard Boiled Stomp"
EA-4597 1963 Dave Dudley "Cowboy Boots"
"I Think I'll Cheat" (A Little Tonight)
EA-4599 1963 Jay Justin "Give It All You've Got"
"Everybody, Let's Stomp"
EA-4603 1963 The Statesmen "Beachcomber"
EA-4604 1963 Little Pattie with The Statesmen "He's My Blonde-Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Boy"
"Stompin' At Maroubra"
EA-4610 1962 Patsy Ann Noble "I'll Be Thinking Of You"
"When You Find Your True Love"
EA-4614 1964 The Dave Bridge Trio "Surfie Guitar"
EA-4615 1964 Little Pattie & The Statesmen "We're Gonna Have A Party Tonight"
"Dear Judy"
EA-4616 1964 The Statesmen "Hey Little Girl"
"Slow Stompin'"
EA-4619 1964 Roland Storm & The Statesmen "The Swingeroo"
EA-4620 1964 Robert Helpmann "Surfer Doll"
"I Still Could Care"
EA-4622 1964 Robby Gold & The Royals "Big Big Star"
"Little Words Of Love"
EA-4623 1964 The Echomen "Easter Bunny"
"For Liz"
EA-4626 1964 Danny Williams "White On White"
"After You"
EA-4628 1964 The Kiwis Four "The Cedars Of Lebanon"
"If You'd Let Me I'd Love You"
EA-4630 1964 Robyn Alvarez "I Know My Love" (Halford-Justin)
"We May Meet Again" (Halford-Justin)
EA-4631 1964 Jay Justin "Here Am I" (Halford-Justin)
"You Can Have Her" (Cook)
EA-4632 1964 Lonnie Lee "Free, Free Man"
"I Need You Now"
EA-4633 1964 The Taylor Sisters "How Long Can A Girl Pretend"
"Something Funny's Going On"
EA-4635 1964 Little Pattie "He's My Boy"
"Drag Race Johnny"
EA-4636 1964 Alan Jones & The Sheffields "I Still Love You" (Alan Jones)
"Hey, Baby" (Jones-Barnes)
EA-4639 1964 Dinah Lee "Don't You Know Yokomo"
"You Don't Talk About Love"
EA-4643 1964 The Epics "Caravan"
"Around And About"
EA-4644 1964 Vicki Forrest "My Little Boy"
"Mama Let The Phone Bell Ring"
EA-4645 1964 Roland Storm with The Epics "Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah"
"Shaking All Over"
EA-4646 1964 Anne Reilly & The Echo Men "Lonely Sixteen"
"Turn To Me"
EA-4648 1964 Dinah Lee "Do The Blue Beat" (The Jamaica Ska)
"Reet Petite"
EA-4649 1964 The Echomen "The Bee"
"Hey What's Wrong With Me"
EA-4650 1964 John Hore "Come On Home Boy" (Harlan Howard)
"Cool Water" (Bob Nolan)
EA-4652 1964 Bryan Davies "Love and money" (Barry Gibb)
"I Don't Like To Be Alone" (Barry Gibb)
EA-4654 1964 Robby Gold & The Royals "Got You Again"
"I'll Make You Love Me"
EA-4656 1964 Little Pattie "Surfin' Time Again"
"Everybody Keeps Telling Me"
EA-4658 1964 Jay Justin "Reminscing"
"Get That Feeling"
EA-4660 1964 The Soundelles "The Veils Of Islam"
"Can't You See?"
EA-4661 1964 Dinah Lee with The Kavaliers "Who Stole The Sugar?"
"I'm Walkin'"
EA-4662 1964 Lonnie Lee & The Leemen "On The Run"
"My Baby Don't 'Low"
EA-4663 1964 Lonnie Lee & The Leemen "More Than Yesterday"
"Love's Gonna Live Here"
EA-4665 1964 Robert Helpmann "Surf Dance" (Eaton Magoon, Jr.)
"Let-A-Go Your Heart" (Eaton Magoon, Jr.)
EA-4667 1964 Robby Gold and The Royals "Don't Cry"
"One More Day"
EA-4669 1964 Bryan Davies "I'm Gonna Make You Cry" (Crewe)
"Watch What You Say"
EA-4670 1966 Dinah Lee "What Did He Say"
"I'll Forgive You, Then Forget You"
EA-4671 1964 The Echomen "The End Of The Beginning"
"I Would Never Be (Ashamed Of You)"
EA-4672 1964 The Bluedogs "Help Me"
"Walk On By"
EA-4673 1965 Little Pattie "Pushin' A Good Thing Too Far"
"Ladies Man"
EA-4674 1965 Jay Justin "Where In The World (Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms)" (Halford-Justin)
"Time Waits For No One" (Halford-Justin)
EA-4675 1965 Lynne Randell "Hold Me"
"I'll Come Running"
EA-4676 1965 The Spinning Wheels "Got My Mojo Working"
"Follow Me Down"
EA-4678 1965 Ann Sidney "The Boy In The Woolly Sweater"
"A Lonely Doll"
EA-4679 1965 Bryan Davies "I Should Have Stayed In Bed" (Barry Gibb)
"Skinnie Minnie" (Haley-Keefer-Gabler-Cafra)
EA-4680 1965 Marianne Woods "I Can't Even Cry"
"Say You Will"
EA-4682 1965 The Spinning Wheels "Bo Diddley"
"Creepy John"
EA-4684 1965 Peter Wright and The Epics "Once I Had Love"
"I Couldn't Keep Your Heart"
EA-4685 1965 Jade Hurley "How I Lied" (Jade Hurley)
"How You Love Me" (Jade Hurley)
EA-4687 1965 The Librettos "Great Balls Of Fire"
"Twilight Time"
EA-4688 1965 Brendan Bower "Hucklebuck"
EA-4689 1965 Lynne Randell "A Love Like You"
EA-4690 1965 The Flanagans "He"
"Wonderland Of Love And Dreams"
EA-4691 Aug. 1965 Johnny Rebb with The Atlantics "The Girl Can't Help It"
"Pretty Thing"
EA-4692 1965 Pat Sullivan "Somewhere In The World"
EA-4694 1965 The Epics "Too Late"
"Please Tell"
EA-4695 Aug-1965 Johnny Rebb with The Atlantics "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover"
"I'll Stay By You"
EA-4696 1965 The Flying Dutchmen "Baby, The Rain Must Fall"
"Shine For Me"
EA-4698 1965 The Flying Dutchmen "The Apple Tree"
"The Leaves Are Falling"
EA-4699 1965 The Times "Glad, Not Sad"
"Woman Love"
EA-4700 1965 Des Gibson "A Rolling Stone"
"No Friend Of Mine"
EA-4701 1965 Lynne Randell "Be Sure"
EA-4703 1965 Little Pattie "Dance, Puppet, Dance"
"I Just Need Your Love"
EA-4704 1965 The Librettos "Ella Speed"
"I Want Your Love"
EA-4705 1965 Jay Justin "Guilty" (Halford-Justin)
"Lonely Boy" (Anka)
EA-4706 1965 Dinah Lee "I Can't Believe What You Say"
"That's It, I Quit"
EA-4708 1965 The Spinning Wheels "Shame, Shame, Shame"
"Can't Catch Me"
EA-4709 1965 Richard Wright & The Vikings "Hey, Baby"
"Do You See Maria"
EA-4710 1965 The Times "Just Another Guy"
"Tender Feeling"
EA-4711 1965 The Wild Colonials "Downtown Blues"
"I Only Have Eyes For You"
EA-4712 1965 Jade Hurley "My Baby Judy"
"I Got A Kitten"
EA-4713 1965 Lynn Fletcher "You Say Pretty Words" (Sloan-Barri)
"Crazy With Love" (Schroeder)
EA-4716 1965 Dennis Williams & The Delawares "Bad Girl"
"They Say"
EA-4717 1965 Peter Wright & The Epics My Prayer
Big Hunk O' Love
EA-4720 1965 Max Hamilton & The Impacts "Jenny Jenny" (Johnson-Penniman)
"Shake With Me" (Peter Jacobs)
EA-4721 1965 The Denvermen "I Can Tell"
Time Will Bring Everything"
EA-4724 1965 Bryan Davies "I Need Help (Help! Help!)"
"The Girl I Love"
EA-4725 1965 Dinah Lee "Let Me In"
EA-4727 1965 The Spinning Wheels "One Kind Of Favour"
EA-4731 1965 The Flanagans "Follow The Wind"
"Land Of Beyond"
EA-4732 Nov-1965 Johnny Rebb with The Atlantics "Tell Me, Please"
"I Just Don't Want To Be Free, Babe"
EA-4733 1965 Little Pattie "My Love"
"It's Love Baby (Twenty Four Hours A Day)"
EA-4734 1965 Des Gibson "Come Dawn" (Des Gibson)
"Love Of A Girl" (Des Gibson)
EA-4735 1965 Lynn Fletcher "In My Book" (Wright-Young)
"You Do Your Lovin' With Me" (Barry Gibb)
EA-4738 1965 The Brothers Grimm "Beautiful Delilah" (Ray Davies)
"Happiness Street"
EA-4740 1965 Johnny Reo "A Long Time Ago"
"I Ain't Coming Home Tonight"
EA-4743 1965 The Wild Colonials "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby"
"Roses Are Red"
EA-4745 1965 Dinah Lee "Don't You Just Know It"
"He Don't Want Your Love Anymore"
EA-4746 1965 The Glenn Brothers "Catch A Falling Star"
EA-4747 1965 The Moods "Cos Of You"
"Say Hello To Me"
EA-4748 1965 Dennis Williams & The Delawares "Walk"
"Don't Try To Change My Ways"
EA-4749 1965 Jade Hurley Little By Little (Mills)
I Could Conquer The World (Evans-Parnes)
EA-4750 1965 Little Pattie The Game Of Love
Raindrops Fall Like Teardrops (From My Heart)
EA-4751 1966 Jay Justin I'm So Grateful
I'm Just A Nobody
EA-4753 1966 Nev Jade Jenny Jenny (Penniman-Johnson)
Don't Worry About Me, Child (Nev Jade)
EA-4754 1966 Max Hamilton & The Impacts I'm Blue
Bull Moose
EA-4755 1966 The Idlers Five If You Don't Look Around
Faith, Hope And Charity
EA-4756 1966 Buddy England "If I Never Get To Love You"
"A Matter Of Moments"
EA-4757 1966 Bryan Davies Do You Mind (Lionel Bart)
Ginny Come Lately (Udell-Geld)
EA-4758 1966 The Young Blaydes Can't Fathom Fate
EA-4759 1966 The Thin Men Sixteen Tons
Children, Go Where I Send You
EA-4760 1966 The Richard Wright Group You Can't Love 'Em All
Neither Rich Nor Poor
EA-4762 1966 Grantley Dee "Let The Little Girl Dance" (Spencer-Glover)
"Answer Me" (Sigman-Winkler-Rauch)
EA-4763  1966 Dinah Lee "Not In This Whole World"
"The Night Time Is The Right Time (When The Sun Goes Down)"
EA-4765 1966 Little Pattie "Never Gonna Love Again"
"Will Ya Or Won't Ya"
EA-4767 1966 The Ratbags "Theme From A Bunch Of Ratbags"
"Ready To Go"
EA-4768 1966 The Moods "I Love You So"
"Rum Drunk"
EA-4769 1966 Buddy England "If You'll Stay" (England-Farr)
"Question" (Price-Logan)
EA-4770 1966 Jay Justin "If I Had A Girl"
"Honey, Hold Me"
EA-4771 1966 Max Hamilton and The Impacts "Foolish Little Boy" (Greenfield-Miller)
Now Hear This (Allison Cason)
EA-4772 1966 Peter Wright with The Clan "The Rose Has A Thorn"
"The Greatest Love"
EA-4774 1965 Dinah Lee "Summertime"
"He's Sure The Boy I Love"
EA-4775 1966 The Thin Men "Rhinoceros"
"The Diary"
EA-4777 1966 Him and The Others "Tell Her No" (Rod Argent)
"You Know He Did" (Ransford)
EA-4778 1966 The Richard Wright Group "Miss Hargraves"
"No, No, No, No"
EA-4779 1966 The Mark Two "Crying In The Rain"
EA-4780 1966 The Brothers Grimm "Will My Dreams Come True?"
"You Were The One"
EA-4782 1966 Lynn Fletcher "You Must Be Joking"
"Three Unspoken Words"
EA-4783 1966 Little Pattie "Don't Walk Away"
"Your Kind Of Lovin'"
EA-4784 1966 The Wild Colonials "You Are My Destiny"
"Get The Picture"
EA-4785 1966 Bryan Davies Why (Marcucci-De Angelis)
My Name Is Mud (Crewe-Rambeau-Rehak)
EA-4789 1966 Peter Nelson & The Castaways So Don't Go
Down In The Mine
EA-4790 1966 Lawrie Donald Farewell, Adelita (B. Shane-J. Splittard)
Take These Chains From My Heart (H. Williams)
EA-4792 1966 Grantley Dee Wild One (Lowe-Mann-Appell)
You Thrill Me (R. Peterson-C. Edwards, Jr.)
EA-4793 1966 Buddy England "Doll House" (Duhig-Berry)
"Looking For Me" (Randy Newman)
EA-4794 1966 The Henchmen "Stupid Girl"
"Keep On Going Back"
EA-4795 1966 The Mixtures "I've Been Wrong"
"Koko Joe"
EA-4796 1966 The Times "Edelweiss"
"Every Window In The City"
EA-4797 1966 Jade Hurley "I'm Ashamed Of You" (Hurley)
"Gold And Silver" (M. Liggett)
EA-4798 1966 Grantley Dee "Wild One"
"You Thrill Me"
EA-4799 1966 Jay Justin So Much Love In The World
Till The End Of When
EA-4800 1966 The Thin Men "Sons Of The Anzacs"
"The Red Beret"
EA-4801 1966 Robbie Steele "Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice"
"That's How Strong My Love Is"
EA-4803 1966 Little Pattie "Let Me Dream"
"Love Will Come Back"
EA-4804 1966 Peter Nelson & The Castaways "Skye Boat Song"
"Goin' Out Of My Mind"
EA-4805 1966 Dermot O'Brien and his Clubmen "The Merry Ploughboy (Off To Dublin In The Green)"
"Come Down The Mountain, Katie Daly"
EA-4806 1966 The Richard Wright Group "Five Star Cab"
"When You Climb A Mountain"
EA-4807 1966 The Flanagans "You Were Meant For Me" (Freed-Brown)
"That's How Man Began" (P. Flanagan)
EA-4809 1966 The Thin Men "Till The Cheque Comes In"
"The Red Beret"
EA-4810 1966 Des Ellis "Pony Tail"
"Hurry Back"
EA-4812 1966 Bryan Davies and Little Pattie "With Love From Jenny"
"It's All Over Now"
EA-4813 1966 The Mixtures "Come On Out"
"Lose Your Money"
EA-4814 1966 Buddy England "There Goes My Baby" (Nelson-Patterson-Treadwll)
"Your Eyes Tell On You" (Buddy England) 
EA-4815 1966 Lawrie Donald Three Song (M. Williams)
The Girl In The Wood (Gilkyson-Stuart)
EA-4816 1966 unknown "Adventures of the Seaspray" (Eric Gross)
EA-4817 1966 Peter Wright with The Clan "Last Year's Tears"
"I Didn't Know"
EA-4819 1966 Cheryl Gray "The Real Thing" (Simpson)
"Move On" (Peter N. Pinne)
EA-4820 1967 Bev Harrell "What Am I Doing Here With You" (Sloan-Barri)
"You Really Didn't Mean It" (Jones-Millrose)
EA-4821 1966 The Lincolns "What You Gonna Do?"
"Stubborn Kind Of Fellow"
EA-4822 1966 Cheryl Gray "In A Woman's Eyes" (Russell-Sharp)
"Brand New Woman" (Peter N. Pinne)
EA-4823 1966 Grantley Dee "You're Sixteen" (Sherman-Sherman)
"Every Breath I Take"
EA-4825 1966 Silk 'N' Dreams "Leave Me Be"
"Right Now, Not Later"
EA-4826 1966 The John Charter Group "What Next!" Part 1
"What Next!" Part 2
EA-4827 1966 Bob Bennitt with The James Boys "Ballad Of A Brave Man"
"Find A Place"
EA-4828 1966 Lynn Fletcher
Lynn Fletcher with The Mike Perjanik Group
"Our Love Is Growing Stronger" (Brown-Bloodsworth-Nader)
"Losing You" (Renard-Sigman)
EA-4829 1966 Bobbie Thomas and The Whispers "Heat Wave"
"Let Me Dream"
EA-4831 1967 Peter Nelson and The Castaways "At A Time Like This"
"A Little Lovin' Somthin'"
EA-4832 1967 Jade Hurley "True Love Begins" (Hurley)
"It's Too Cold" (Marvin Moore)
EA-4833 1967 Des Ellis "Mr. Chihuahua"
"Sidewalk Cafe"
EA-4835 1967 Dinah Lee "Too Many People"
EA-4836 1967 Buddy England "Movin' Man"
"Get Away"
EA-4838 1967 The Familiars "Go Go Hula Hoop"
EA-4839 1967 Verne Condon "(I) Can't Get Through To You" (Merrill)
"Talk About Love" (Andrews)
EA-4840 1967 Eden Kane "Gotta Get Through To You"
"A Million Ants"
EA-4842 1967 Chad Morgan "Truckload Of Starving Kangaroos"
"Things I See"
EA-4844 1967 Bev Harrell "You Don't Love Me No More" (Charles Blackwell)
"Come On Over To Our Place" (Mann-Weil)
EA-4845 1967 Bryan Davies "Alberta"
"I Only Dream Of You"
EA-4846 1967 Little Pattie "I'll Eat My Hat"
EA-4847 1967 Jay Justin "I Miss You, Girl"
"Minstrel Man"
EA-4849 1967 The Harts "Little Girl (I'm So In Love With You)" (Gardiner)
"Cry No More For You" (Gardiner)
EA-4851 1967 Bobbie Thomas & The Whispers "Walk On"
EA-4852 1967 Cheryl Gray "You Don't Love Me Anymore" (Leon Huff)
"You Made Me What I Am" (T. Hatch-J. Trent) 
EA-4853 1967 Grantley Dee "We Must Be Doing Something Right" (Billy Dawn Smith)
"Lonely One" (Peter Robertson)
EA-4855 1967 Lynn Fletcher "That's The Tune" (Resnick-Levine)
"Too Bad For You" (Resnick-Young)
EA-4856 1967 The Glenn Brothers "Walk A Lonely Street" (N. Kipner)
"Learning The Game" (Buddy Holly)
EA-4857 1967 Buddy England "Sonny"
"Lonely Avenue"
EA-4858 1967 Bev Harrell "You Baby" (Spector-Mann-Weil)
"You Are The Love Of My Life" (Zambrini-Enriquez-Kennedy)
EA-4859 1967 Dinah Lee "Say Mama"
"I Keep Forgetting"
EA-4860 1967 Marc Leon "Nothing's Too Good For My Baby"
"I Can't Get Enough"
EA-4862 1967 The John Charter Group "A Pub With No Beer" (Gordon Parsons)
"When Marty Throws A Party" (Allen Reynolds-Milton Addington)
EA-4863 1967 Don Lane with Orchestra "The Sadder-But-Wiser Girl For Me"
"Georgy Girl"
EA-4864 1967 The Thin Men "Runnin' Round In Circles"
"Please Don't Cry"
EA-4865 1967 Little Pattie "If He Would Care"
"The Thrill Is Gone"
EA-4866 1967 Chad Morgan "The Taterville Women's Auxiliary Sewing Circle"
"The Moon Is High"
EA-4867 1967 Peter Nelson & The Castaways "Knock On Wood"
"Ol' Man Mose"
EA-4868 1967 Cheryl Gray "It's Not Easy Lovin' You"
"I'm Gonna Try"
EA-4869 1967 Buddy England "I'm Going For You" (Brady)
"Never Do Tomorrow" (England)
EA-4873 1967 Bryan Davies "Night And Day" (Cole Porter)
"Together By Myself" (J. Troy)
EA-4874 1967 Bobbie Thomas "If You Want To Be Happy"
"Hey, Girl"
EA-4875 1967 Grantley Dee "It Hurts Me" (Bobby Goldsboro)
"Stop Where You Are" (Martin-Coulter)
EA-4876 1967 The Mike Perjanik Group "We Can Make It"
"My Girl"
EA-4877 1967 Jay Justin "My Heart Won't Let Go"
"Blue Blue Guy"
EA-4878 1967 Lynn Fletcher "Nothing Lasts Forever" (Udell-Geld)
"Wait Till My Bobby Gets Home" (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)
EA-4879 1967 Maggie Joddrell "Come On Down" (Bronley-Cleminson-Cooper)
"It's Not Unusual" (Mills-Reed)
EA-4880 1967 Bev Harrell "Walk Among The Stars" (J. White)
"Run On The Run" (Howard-Kirin)
EA-4881 1967 Little Pattie "I Knew Right Away"
"In Time"
EA-4882 1967 The Mixtures "Music, Music, Music"
EA-4883 1967 Marc Leon "St. James Infirmary"
"I'm Afraid"
EA-4885 1967 The Flanagans "This Is My Song" (C. Chaplin)
"For Bobby" (H.F. Deutschendorf, Jr.) 
EA-4887 1967 The Cliffmores "He's Not There" (Rod Argent)
"Walk Tall" (Vance -Pockriss)
EA-4888 1967 The Swing Shift "Take It Or Leave It"
"Give Me Time"
EA-4889 1967 Cheryl Gray "When You're Not Near" (Rob. E. Porter)
"You're The Boy" (Tony Powers-George Fischoff)
EA-4890 1967 The Avengers "Everybody's Gonna Wonder"
"Take My Hand"
EA-4891 1967 Bobbie Thomas "You've Gotta Stay By Me"

EMI unified series (commenced 1968)
EA-9473 Mar. 1971 Fantasy "Universal Sun"
EA-9525 1971 The Masters Apprentices "Future Of Our Nation"
"New Day"
EA-9527 1971 The Town Criers "Laughing Man"
"Living In A Dream World"
EA-9539 1971 Russell Morris "Sweet, Sweet Love"
"Jail Jonah's Daughter"
EA-9554 1971 Graham Chapman "Sing Along Song"
"Scratchin' Ma Head"
EA-9567 1971 Sweet Wine "Summer's Gone"
"If I Could Have You Back"
EA-9608 1971 The Flying Circus "Finding My Way"
"Ballad Of Sacred Falls"
EA-9633 1971 Graham Lister "Harper Lee"
"Wrote A Midnight Song"
EA-9639 1971 Hot Cottage "Made To Love You"
"Sour Lovin'"
EA-9668 1971 Johnny Farnham and Allison Durbin "Baby, Without You"
"That's Old Fashioned"
EA-9709 1971 Johnny Farnham "The Floor On My Hands"
"My Favourite Occupation"
EA-9720 1972 The Town Criers "Love, Love, Love"
"Chorus Girl"
EA-9824 1972 Russell Morris "Live With Friends"
"Alcohol Farm"
EA-9890 1972 Kerrie Biddell and Neil Williams
Kerrie Biddell
"Hail All Hail"
"My Boy's Different"
from the stage musical Man of Sorrows
EA-9935 1972 Jackie Christian "Rosy"
"You Chose A Fine Time"
EA-9978 1972? The Delltones "Birmingham"
"Tears Began To Fall"
EA-9999 1972 Johnny Farnham "Rock Me Baby"
"Nobody's Fool"
EA-10030 1972 Russell Morris "Wings Of An Eagle"
"Satisfy You"
EA-10050 1973 Carole King "Back In The World"
EA-10071 1973 Simon Heath "Lady Love"
"Have You Seen My Rosie"
EA-10083 1973 Johnny Farnham "Everything Is Out Of Season"
"It's Up To You"
EA-10092 1972 Johnny Farnham "Don't You Know It's Magic"
"Sweet Cherry Wine"
EA-10098 1973 Fantasy "Forty Days Of Rain"
"Marrow Song"
EA-10147 1974 King Harvest "Dancing In the Moonlight"
"Marty and The Captain"


Cat. # Date Artist Title
7EGO-70035 1963 Dave Bridge Trio Swan
7EGO-70036 1963? Jay Justin Proud Of You
7EGO-70040 1963 The Denvermen Surf Side
7EGO-70044 1963? Little Pattie He's my blonde headed real gone stompie wompie surfer boy
7EGO-70049 1965 Jay Justin Reminiscing
7EGO-70050 1965 Little Pattie Pushin' A Good Thing Too Far
7EGO-70052 1965 Bryan Davies Bryan Davies
7EGO-70074 1967 Buddy England Movin' Man
7EGO-70076 1966 Grantley Dee Let The Girl Dance
7EGO-70077 1967 Little Pattie I'll Eat My Hat
7EGO-70078 1967 Bev Harrell Come On Over To Bev's Place
? ? Peter Nelson and The Castaways Skye Boat Song


Cat. # Date Artist Title Notes
OCLP-7585 1963 Bryan Davies On My Way -
OCLP-7608 1963 Dave Bridge Trio Surfing Down Under -
OCLP-7620 1964 Jay Justin Justin Time -
OCLP-7621 1965 Little Pattie The Many Moods of Little Pattie -
OCLP-7637 1965 Lonnie Lee A Country Boy At Heart -
OCLP-7647 1965 Jay Justin Any Time -
OCLP-7651 1965 Little Pattie Pattie -
OCLP-7663 1967 Bev Harrell This Is Bev -
OCLP-7666 1965 Little Pattie Little Things Like This -
OCLP-7667 1966 Grantley Dee Grantley Dee -
OELP-9777 1969 The Twilights The Best Of The Twilights -
OCSD-7680 1971 Johnny Farnham Johnny #24
OSCD-7679 1971 Russell Morris Bloodstone -
OCSD-7682 1971 Johnny Farnham Together #22
OCSD 7697 1971 Indelible Murtceps Warts Up Your Nose -
OSCD-7702 1973 Russell Morris Wings of an Eagle -
OELP-9338 - Various Artists Hitwave Volume 1 -

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Note: According to this article, the Magoon family are descended from Hawaiian royalty. Eaton Magoon was a well-known Broadway musical composer and his son also composed several musicals in the early 1960s, although he is now chiefly known as a businessman. The Magoon family's fortunes were greatly boosted in 1961 thanks to a remarkable property swap deal, in which they surrendered 34 acres of land to the University of Hawaii in return for a 23,000 acre property (formerly owned by actress Lily Langtree) in what is now the heart of California's the Napa Valley wine country. Interestingly, Eaton Magoon Jr's is in partnership in a Hawaiian wine-growing business with James Cotter, CEO of Reading international, the former railroad company that now owns the Reading cinema chain in California, Australia and New Zealand, and which recently paid almost US$70 million to purchase 15 cinemas in Hawaii and California.