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Category: Australian independent label

Date: ca. 1974

Location: Melbourne, Vic?

Ownership: unknown


The ultra-obscure Earth label released only two known recordings, both by The Thin Men, a long-lived vocal group that formed in Melbourne in 1962. The group performed through the Sixties and recorded five singles for HMV between 1963 and 1967. They briefly re-emerged in the 1970s with the LP The Thin Men On Earth and the single "Leah" / "All The Things You Are", both of which came out during 1974. Nothing else is known about the label or the group, and the Thin Men recordings are its only known releases.



Cat. # Date Artist Title
ESP-001 1974 The Thin Men "Leah"
"All The Things You Are"


Cat. # Date Artist Title
ESPL-001 1974 The Thin Men The Thin Men On Earth

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