Watt's Last Voyage

Genre: Documentary (?)
Format: 16mm b/w film
8 mins


Production company: Melbourne University Film Society
Director: Brian Davies
Cinematography: Sasha Trikojus

Graham Blundell
Robin Laurie
John Wragg


This short film was evidently made while the participants were members of the Melbourne Uni. Film Society. Director Brian Davies also made THE PUDDING THIEVES (1966), BRAKE FLUID (1970), a documentary for Ampol on their 1970 car trial, and was closely involved with the innovative Melbourne theatre collective The Australian Performing Group at the Pram Factory and La Mama (where BRAKE FLUID was first screened).

The film is also (probably) Graham Blundell's first screen appearance. Blundell became a major figure in Australian theatre and film, was a key member of the APG as an actor and director, and appeared in many features of the period including Tim Burstall's ALVIN PURPLE.


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