Brake Fluid

Genre: short fiction
Format: 16mm b/w film
50 mins

Synopsis: "A humorous story of frustrated love - the hero is a fish out of water among the young sophisticates of Melbourne, and the girl is so patient with him.. (Filmmakers Co-operatives Catalogue of Independent Film 1975/6)

Production company: Monolithic Movies
Producer: Geoff Gardner
Director: Brian Davies
Margaret Jacobs
Alan Linney
Peter Carmody
John Duigan


Director Brian Davies also made WATT'S LAST VOYAGE (1965), THE PUDDING THIEVES (1966), and a documentary for Ampol on their 1970 car trial. He was closely involved with the innovative Melbourne theatre collective The Australian Performing Group at the Pram Factory and La Mama (where BRAKE FLUID was first screened).

John Duigan became a noted film director with credits including the film adaptation of Jack Hibberd's DIMBOOLA (1976) and the successful coming-of-age films THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE and FLIRTING.

Peter Carmody directed the short film NOTHING LIKE EXPERIENCE in 1970, which also premiered at La Mama.

Davies, Carmody and Duigan were all closely associated with the Melbourne alternative theatre scene, the Australian Performing Group and the La Mama and Pram Factory theatres.


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