PERFORMANCE: Australian Tours by Overseas Artists 1964-75


"The Big O" was a frequent and very popular visitor to Australia during the 60s. He made his first two tours of Australia in 1962, a third in 1965 with The Rolling Stones, and another in 1967 with The Walker Bros, The Yardbirds and Manfred Mann.
FROM: Michael Croy  
SUBJECT: 1965 tour: Roy Orbison/The Rolling Stones 

G'day ,  
I was fortunate enough to see Roy on stage in Perth 9 times from 1962. In 1965 Roy appeared at the Capitol Theatre in Perth. He shared the night with The Rolling Stones who appeared before him.  

(The concert was The Stones & separately Roy. No other acts. Roy had his own backing / drums......& he had some Australian musicians on strings ie violins.)  

His voice was awesome, his image was eerie, his performance was legendary. A combination of Roy's magnificent voice & the thunderous applause almost lifted the roof of the Theatre.....great memories.  

Good luck,  

Michael McRoy

From: Don Barton  
September 15, 1999  
Subject: Roys Tours  

In 1965 I saw Roy at the Palais, St Kilda, in Melbourne. He was on with the Stones, Newbeats, Ray Colombus and The Flies. I still have the newspaper ad. It cost 15/-.


Don Barton

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