Robert Iredale is best known for his engineering and production in the early to mid-60s for Festival, and those made through his own independent production company Leopold Productions, which included Max Merritt & The Meteors and The Allusions, which were released through the Parlophone label.

As a house producer at Festival, Iredale oversaw many important recordings of the era including all Bee Gees records prior to their move to Spin in 1966, the first two Ray Brown & The Whispers singles and their first LP.



The Allusions

4/66 Gypsy Woman / Fever Burns My Brain [Parlophone A 8196]

8/66 The Dancer / Roller Coaster Man [Parlophone A 8210]

10/66 Looks Like Trouble / 97 Cigarettes [Parlophone A 8228]

3/67 Roundabout / I'll Be Home [Parlophone A 8242]

7/67 Seven Days Of Rain / Two Of A Kind [Parlophone A 8256]

2/68 Mr Love / And She's Mine [Parlophone A 8281]

1/67 The Allusions [EMI/ Parlophone PMCO 7540]

4/67 The Dancer EP [Parlophone GEPO 70038]

Ray Brown & The Whispers

20 Miles / Devoted To You (1965)
Pride / Say It Again

Ray Brown & The Whispers (LP) Leedon LL-31646 (1965)

Max Merritt & The Meteors


The Bee Gees

Iredale produced all the Bee-Gees Festival tracks from 1962-66, prior to their move to the Spin label.