Category: Australian independent label

Date: ca. 1969 - ca. 1972

Ownership: Gus McNeil

Production / distribution: Festival


The shortlived Generation label was established in 1969 by singer, publisher and producer Gus McNeil, former lead singer with '60s Sydney band Gus & The Nomads and The Artist Formerly Known As "The Wild Man of Sydney Rock". Gus also established the influential independent publishing house Cellar Music, whose roster included Greg Quill and Mike Rudd.

As far as is known, Generation issued only seven singles and at least one LP -- its numbering (GE-004) suggests earlier releases, but these are yet to be identified. The inaugural release in 1971 was the only single by Sydney band Aesop's Fables

Generation's best known and most sigificant releases were the two singles and the LP by legendary Melbourne band Company Caine. Their debut LP was subsequently re-issued (in remixed form) in 1975 on McNeil's shortlived Real label. Never officially re-released on CD and consequently much bootlegged, the legendary Product has become one of the most celebrated and collectible albums of the period and original copies now change hands for large sums.

The only other known Generation releases were by ex-Aesop's Fables guitarist Les Stacpool, Happening '71 host Jeff Phillips and solo artist Al Head, who scored a minor hit with "Oh Mamy Blue".



Cat. # Date Artist Titles
GE-001 Feb. 1971 Aesop's Fables 'Little Yellow Pills"
GE-002 Sep. 1971 Company Caine "Trixie Stonewells Wayward Home For Young Women"
"It's Up To You"
GE-003 1971 Jeff Philips "Movement Of Love"
GE-004 1971 Al Head "Oh Mamy Blue"
GE-005 Nov. 1971 Les Stacpool "Down by the River"
"Don't Go Away"
GE-006 1971 Company Caine "Dear Carolyn"
"Now I'm Together"
GE-007 1972 Al Head "Walk The World Away"


Cat. # Date Artist Title
GELP-004 Nov. 1971 Company Caine A Product Of A Broken Reality

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