Category: Australian independent label 1966-74

Location: Sydney, NSW

Operation: 1966-1974; reactivated by Festival Mushroom Records ca. 2000-2002

Distribution: Festival Records

Ownership: Spin Records Productions Pty Ltd 

Company directors / staff:
Clyde Packer - major shareholder and director
Harry M. Miller - shareholder and director
Nat Kipner  - shareholder and director, A&R manager
Robin Brampton - shareholder and director


The shortlived Sydney-based label Everybody's was established by publisher Clyde Packer, the elder son of media magnate Frank Packer. Clyde was the anointed successor to the family's publishing empire, Consolidated Press, but after a bitter falling-out with his father ca. 1970, Clyde was disinherited by his tyrannical father, and he soon severed his ties with Con. Press and moved to America, where he lived for most of the rest of his life (he died in April 2001). As a result his younger brother Kerry was obliged to step into his older brother's position.

The label was set up by Packer's teen magazine Everybody'sin the summer of 1965, and was essentially a joint venture between Packer, Miller and producer and songwriter Nat Kipner, a former partner in the Sunshine label with entrepreneur Ivan Dayman and producer-musician Pat Aulton. Kipner was appointed as the label's A&R manager and house producer and the label's first two singles were issued in November 1965, but immediately encoutered resistance from Sydney radio -- according to historian Bill Casey, DJs were reportedly unwilling to name the label on air because of the obvious cross-promotional connection to the Packer magazine.

A rebranding of the label was hastily arranged and the new Spin Recordslabel was launched in January 1966. Spin reissued two of the four Everybody's singles -- Tony Barber and Steve & The Board -- in March 1966 and Toni McCann's scorching "Saturday Date" was reissued on Sunshine. The original "EK" catalogue prefix was retained by distributor Festival when the label changed its name to Spin.


EK-1155 Nov. 1965 Tony Barber "Someday"
"Is it raining"
EX-1156 Nov. 1965 Steve & The Board "The Giggle-Eyed Goo"
EX-1199 Dec. 1965 Big Norm Miller "Blue horizons for me"
"All I have to do is dream"
EK-1200 Dec. 1965 Toni McCann "Saturday Date"
"If you don't come back"

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