Category: British-owned label

Date: 1920s? - 1972

Head office: Sydney, NSW

- subsidiary of Columbia Graphophone (UK) until 1931
- subsidiary of EMI (Australia) Limited, 1931 - present

Australian licencee for:
Cameo (US), Parkway (USA), MGM (US), Regal Zonophone (UK), Laurie (UK), Mercury (UK)


Columbia, the world's oldest surviving record label, is recognised by its famous "Magic Notes" logo. The trademark has a complex history, marked by a long and convoluted series of takeovers, mergers and divestitures which saw the ownership of major US and UK labels change many times. By the end of WWII most of the major labels had become subsidiaries of the so-called "Big Three" recording companies -- CBS, RCA and EMI. 

From 1931 to 1972 there were in fact two Columbia labels. In England and Commonwealth countries (including Australia, New Zealand and India) Columbia was a subsidary label of the British EMI group, but in the Americas and Japan the name was owned and operated by CBS Records, the recording division of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) media group. Even more confusingly, Columbia Records had been one of the original partners in CBS but cashed out soon after, leaving only the name.

Columbia originated with the Columbia Phonograph Company, a licencee of the North American Phonograph Company, which was set up in the 1880s to control and licence the phonograph patents registered by inventors Charles Sumner Tainter, Chichester A. Bell and Thomas A. Edison.

In 1891 Columbia Phonograph was the first company to offer a catalogue of its phonographs and cylinders. By 1895 it was manufacturing hundreds of cylinders daily, and by the turn of the century it had a catalogue of more than 5000 titles. However by 1901, Emile Berliner's "Gram-O-Phone" disc had established itself as the primary consumer medium, and Columbia began pressing its own discs that year. In the spring of 1903, the company began recording stars of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. In 1904 Columbia introduced the first discs to play at 78 rpm, although this did not become the industry standard until 1925. Columbia was also among the first to produce the new double-sided disc, with recordings stamped on both sides.

In 1912 Columbia ened its cylinder production and in 1913 it became the Columbia Graphophone Company. In 1916, Columbia began recording symphony orchestras, notably the Chicago and New York orchestras. In 1917 the Original Dixieland Jass Band of New Orleans went to Columbia Studios in New York, where they recorded "The Darktown Strutters Ball", the first jazz record to achieve mainstream popularity in the USA. By 1919, Americans were buying more than twenty-five million 78 rpm records every year, and the industry was reporting annual sales of $150 million.

Columbia originated as the Columbia Phonograph Co., which was established in 1889 and which operated in the Washington DC-Baltimore area, selling record players under licence from the American Graphophone Company and the North American Phonograph Company. In 1893 the president of Columbia acquired Control of the American Graphophone Company acquired the controlling interest in American Graphophone and in 1895 the two companies were effectively consolidated, with the American Graphophone handling development and manufacturing and Columbia handling distribution and sales.

In 1920 The Gramophone Company (UK) was taken over by the US Victor Talking Machine Company. In 1922 Columbia Phonograph (USA) sold its UK subsidiary Columbia Graphophone, but then in 1925 Columbia Graphophone UK bought its ailing former parent for US$2.5 million. In 1926 Columbia acquired Odeon Records and Parlophone Records and in 1927 the American company officially registered the Masterworks label for its classical recordings.

In 1926, Columbia took over famous OKeh label (owned by the Otto Heinemann Phonograph Corporation), whose catalogue included many top jazz and blues artists. In 1927, the Columbia Graphophone UK acquired a controlling interest in the German Carl Lindstrǒm Company, which owned the Parlophone label. In 1929 RCA took over Victor, thereby also gaining a controlling interest in The Gramophone Co. The takeover also gave RCA the American rights to the "Nipper" trademark, which it used for its new RCA Victor label.

The next major change came in 1931, when The Gramophone Company and its subsidiary label Parlophone merged with the Columbia Graphophone Company. The new Anglo-American group was incorporated as Electric & Music Industries Ltd. At this point RCA had a majority shareholding in the new company, giving RCA boss David Sarnoff a seat on the EMI board. However, EMI was forced to sell Columbia US due to anti-trust concerns raised by its American competitors. By this time the record industry had been hit hard by the Depression, and in 1934 a much-diminished Columbia was acquired by for just $70,500 by by ARC-BRC (American Record Company-Brunswick Record Company), which also took over the OKeh label.

RCA sold its stake in EMI in 1935 although, confusingly, RCA retained the American rights to the "Nipper" logo (which was used by EMI's HMV label in other countries) because of its ownership of Victor. In 1938 ARC-Brunswick was taken over by CBS, which then operated the Columbia trademark as its flagship label in the the Americas and and Japan. However EMI retained the rights to the Columbia name in most other territories (including the UK, Australia and New Zealand) and it continued operating the label until 1972, when it was replaced by the EMI Records imprint. In 1990, following a series of major takeovers that saw CBS Records acquired by Sony, EMI sold its remaining rights to the Columbia name and it is now operated exclusively throughout the world by CBS Sony.

The Columbia label in Australasia

Columbia and its sister labels HMV and Parlophone were among the most successful popular music labels in Australasia, yet there is suprisingly little information about their history. It is known that Columbia Graphophone (UK) established an Australian subsidiary in the early 1920s, and discographical information published on the New Zealand 78 Records website confirms that the company was manufacturing records in Sydney as early as 1926.

Several early references to the company are contained in items held by the National Library of New Zealand. These include a Columbia Records catalogue for 1923-24, which includes listings "up to and including Supplement No. 79", indicating that the company had already been trading for some time when the catalogue was published. The NLNZ also holds promotional pamphlets dating from ca. 1930, which advertise Columbia recordings of Maori traditional music and song. These leaflets, and sound recordings held by the library indicate that Columbia was recording Maori traditional music and New Zealand popular music by the late 1920s. A leaflet advertising Maori music on the Parlophone label indicates that these particular titles were recorded after 1926, when Parlophone was taken over by Columbia Graphophone.

The history of the business relationship between Columbia Graphophone (Australia) and The Gramophone Co. / EMI (Australia) is still unclear. In 1931 Columbia Graphophone (UK), Parlophone and The Gramophone Company (UK) were merged by their new owner RCA, to create Electrical and Musical Industries (EMI), and it is probable that the Australian divisions of The Gramophone Co. and Columbia Graphophone both became wholly-owned subsidiaries of EMI at this point. However the Australian division of The Gramophone Co. contiued to trade as "The Gramophone Co. (Australia) Ltd" until 1949, when it became "EMI (Australia) Ltd". The New Zealand operation continued to trade as "His Masters Voice (NZ) Ltd" into the 1950s and possibly later. 

Labels of Australian Columbia 78rpm records from the 1950s carry the credit "Manufactured for Columbia Graphophone (Australia) Pty Ltd", indicating that Columbia was still trading under that name in the late 1950s, but when Johnny Ashcroft's single Little Boy Lost" was released in 1960, the label bore the credit "Made in Australia by EMI (Australia) Ltd". It appears that Columbia Graphophone (Australia) and the Columbia label were formally incororpated into EMI (Australia) around 1958; this was at about the same time that EMI closed down the Regal Zonophone label, discontinued production of 78rpm shellac records and switched to the new vinyl microgroove format.

EMI dominated the Australasian music industry in the post-war period, and it exerted a tremendous influence over the direction and development of music in Australia. In the 1950s and early 1960s, following the closure of Regal Zonophone, Columbia took over a number of Australian artists who had recorded for RZ, notably the "hilbilly" (country) singers Slim Dusty, Reg Lindsay, Smoky Dawson, Buster Noble, Rick & Thel Carey and Chad Morgan. In the 1960s Columbia Australia also gave local release to singles by UK-based Australian performers including Rolf Harris, Frank Ifield and The Seekers.

The late Ron Wills (who died in 2002) was one of EMI's staff producers during this period and he is thought to have been the A&R manager of Columbia from the late 1950s until he moved to RCA in early 1965. Ron 'discovered' and signed the young Frank Ifield to the label, and among his other production credits for Columbia are recordings by Slim Dusty -- including his breakthrought hit "A Pub With No Beer" -- and a string of successful folk albums by singer-musician-actor Lionel Long. Other notable artists released on Columbia in this period included rising young guitar duo The De Kroo Brothers, harmonica virtuoso Horrie Dargie (who later founded the Go!! Records label), Buddy Williams, pioneering Sydney rockers Alan Dale & The Casuals, jazz legend Graeme Bell and singer-songwriter Johnny Ashcroft.

In the 1960s Columbia became one of Australia's most successful pop labels, releasing classic recordings by many top Australian acts including The Twilights, The Masters Apprentices, The Groove and Russell Morris, as well as giving a local release to UK-produced recordings by Australian performers Rolf Harris, Frank Ifield and The Seekers. Columbia's biggest local pop success in the late 1960s was Russell Morris, whose first two solo singles "The Real Thing" and its 'sequel' "Part III Into Paper Walls" were back-to-back #1 hits in 1969.

In 1968 EMI Australia ended the separate cataloguing systems used on its house labels, and on the labels it distributed, including Capitol, Decca, Deram, London, Stateside and Tamla-Motown. They combined all house and licenced labels under a single unified numbering system, which began at 8301. The '8000' series was chosen because Parlophone's cataloguing, the highest range in use at the time, was by then numbered in the low 8000s.

The Columbia label was retired in Australia in 1972 and replaced by the new EMI Records imprint.


This discography lists Australian EMI-Columbia releases from ca. 1955 to 1972. Overseas-produced recordings sourced from Columbia UK and other affiliates are highlighted.


3000 series, ca. 1955-1958 (under construction)

DO-3992 1958 Lionel Long "Hi-Di-Derry-Down-Dey"
"I love you best of all"
DO-3993 1958 Lionel Long "The Note On The Woodshed Wall"
"Mighty Pyramid"
DO-3994 1958 Reg Lindsay

4000 series, 1958-1967

DO-4000 1958 Athol Mc Coy "The Hut Beside The Trail"
"The Shepherd's Lament"
(DB-4174 UK)
1958 Russ Conway "Piano Pops No. 6" - Side 1
"Piano Pops No. 6" - Side 2"
(20th Century Fox)
1958 Harry Simeone "Bravados"
DO-4003 1958 Bob Gibson and his Orchestra "I'm The Man" (From Lola Montez)
"The Flower Seller"
DO-4004 1958 Slim Dusty "Sequel To A Pub With No Beer"
"Sunny Southern Sue"
DO-4005 1958 Slim Dusty "Sweeney"
"Somebody's Mother"
DO-4006 1958 Smoky Dawson "Grannie's Song At Twilight"
"The Ghost Of Ben Hall"
DO-4007 1958 Reg Lindsay "Tom Dooley"
"Hey Sheriff"
DO-4008 1958 Reg Lindsay and The Colt Breakers "The Walkabout Rock And Roll"
"She Lost Her Cowboy Pal"
(DB-4177 UK)
1958 Tony Brent "Girl Of My Dreams"
"Don't Play That Melody"
DO-4010 - unissued? -
(DB-4188 UK)
1958 Michael Holliday "She Was Only Seventeen"
"The Gay Vagabond"
DO-4012 1958 Nev Nicholls "You Gotta Be My Baby"
"When The Train Comes"
DO-4013 1958 Rick and Thel Carey "Sunshine"
"One More Ride"
DO-4014 1958 Massed Bands of the R.A.N. Anzac Service - Part 1
Anzac Service - Part 2
DO-4015 1958 Johnny O'Connor "Saturday Girl" (From Lola Montez)
"Play Some Music For Broken Hearts"
DO-4016 - - -
DO-4017 1958 Slim Dusty "Along The Road Of Song"
"My Journey Home"
DO-4018 1958 The Horrie Dargie Quintet "The Sunshine State"
"Dust In The Sun"
DO-4020 1958 Bob Rogers
James Condon
"The Teen Commandments"
"What Is A Mother"
DO-4021 1958 Smoky Dawson "Call Me Back Pal O' Mine"
DO-4022 1958 Smoky Dawson "I'm Happy In The Land Where I Was Born"
"In The Valley Where The Bellbirds Sing"
DO-4023 1958 Nev Nicholls "Condamine Waltz"
"Fortunes In Memories"
DO-4024 1958 Nev Nicholls "Blue Melody"
"Oklahoma Waltz"
DO-4025 1958 Chad Morgan "How It Started"
"When The Whips Are Cracking"
DO-4026 1958 Kevin King "My Son Calls Another Man Daddy"
"Somebody "Ughed" On You"
DO-4027 1958 Kevin King "The Girl On The Dance Hall Floor"
"I'm Gonna Celebrate Now"
DO-4028 1958 Rick and Thel Carey "Let's Kiss And Try Again"
"Rusty Goes Home"
DO-4029 1958 Rick and Thel Carey "I've Known You From Somewhere"
"You Can Say That Again"
DO-4033 1958 Slim Dusty "The Saddle Is His Home"
"When They Muster On The Golden Plain"
DO-4034 1958 Slim Dusty "Wedding Bell Blues"
"When The Moon Across The Bushland Beams"
DO-4035 1958 Slim Dusty "I Love You Best Of All"
"Spending My Life In The Sun"
DO-4036 Slim Dusty "There's A Rainbow Round My Memories"
"If Those Lips Could Only Speak"
DO-4037 Joy Mc Kean "Long Road Home"
"I Stand Accused"
DO-4038 Reg Lindsay "The Ghost Of Tom Dooley"
"The Auctioneer"
DO-4039 Rick and Thel Carey Don't Leave Your Mother, Son
Night I Stole Sammy Morgan's Gun
DO-4042 Trevor Day The Boy Soldier
How To Play The Guitar
DO-4043 Trevor Day Money
The Letter
DO-4044 - unissued? -
(DB-4256 UK)
1959 Russ Conway "Side Saddle"
"Pixalated Penguin"
DO-4046 Slim Dusty The Nature Of Man
Roaring Wheels
DO-4047 Buddy Williams The Flying Doctor
A Mother As Lovely As You
DO-4048 Chad Morgan The Dinkum Dill
The Sheik Goes Courting
DO-4049 Slim Dusty Pastures Of Home
Dreamin' On The Sliprail
DO-4050 Slim Dusty Walkin' On My Way
Gumtrees By The Roadway
DO-4051 Chad Morgan "The Psychiatrist's Joy From Kingaroy"
"Goin' Home"
DO-4052 Buddy Williams "The Ringer"
"Answer To Missing In Action"
DO-4053 Rick and Thel Carey "Looking Back To See"
"It's You With A Broken Heart"
DO-4054 Slim Dusty "Harry The Breaker"
"Queensland The State So Fair"
DO-4055 Slim Dusty "Mother"
"Our Wedding Waltz"
DO-4056 Slim Dusty
Slim Dusty and Joy Mc Kean
"I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke"
"When I First Saw The Lovelight In Your Eyes"
DO-4057 Slim Dusty, "The Dusty Trail Yodeller",
with Joy Mc Kean and The Bushlanders
"Rusty, It's Goodbye"
"Losin' My Blues Tonight"
DO-4058 Chad Morgan "Chasing Sorts In Childers"
"It's No Fun"
DO-4059 Slim Dusty "The Dusty Trail Yodeller"
and The Bushlanders
The Sunlander
The Showman's Song
DO-4060 Chad Morgan The Answer To The Bachelor's Warning
The Dunkinwilla Dance
DO-4061 Jimmy Little The Heartbreak Waltz
Mysteries Of Life
DO-4062 Slim Dusty Little Girl Dressed In Blue
Old Love Letters
DO-4063 1959 Chad Morgan, "The Sheik of
Scrubby Creek"
The Bachelor's Warning
The Shotgun Wedding
DO-4064 Dr. E. Brooke
Jacko (The Broadcasting Kookaburra) - Part 1
Jacko (The Broadcasting Kookaburra) - Part 2
DO-4065 Smoky Dawson Friendship
I'm Lonesome For You, Caroline
DO-4066 Chad Morgan Nobody Else (But Little Me)
The Night I Went Below
DO-4067 Massed Bands
Royal Australian Navy
The National Anthem 1: Short Version 2: Complete Version
The National Anthem 1: Short Version 2: Complete Version
DO-4068 Reg Lindsay Don't Steal Daddy's Medal
The Girl In My Hometown
DO-4069 Johnny Robson Kevin Barry
Granny's Heilan' Hame
DO-4070 - - -
DO-4071 Rick and Thel Carey No One But You
You And Me
DO-4072 Jimmy Little Silver City Comet
The Grandest Show Of All
DO-4073 Rick and Thel Carey When Jimmy Rodgers Said Goodbye
The Life Of Hank Williams
DO-4074 1959 Chad Morgan "I'm The Sheik Of Scrubby Creek"
"You Can Have Your Women, I'll Stick To My Booze"
DO-4075 1959 Massed Regimental Band of The Australian Military Forces conducted by Lt. A.H. Baile "Advance Australia Fair - Song Of Australia"
"Waltzing Matilda"
DO-4076 1959 Buddy Williams, "The Yodeling Jackaroo" "Missing In Action"
"The Death Of Hank Williams"
DO-4077 1959 Inger Jacobsen "Lordag Hele Uken"
"Cuddle Up (Lordag Hele Uken)"
DO-4078 1959 A: Tommy Dee and Carol Kaye and The Teen-Aires
B: Carol Kaye and The Teen-Aires
"Three Stars"
"I'll Never Change"
DO-4079 1959 Tommy Cole with Billy Weston Orchestra
Ruth Carrell
"Date Night"
"Rosy Glow"
DO-4080 1959 Reg Lindsay & The Coltbreakers "The Wog"
"The Battle Of New Orleans"
DO-4081 1959 Reg Lindsay & The Coltbreakers "Where No One Stands Alone"
I'll Make You Sorry
DO-4082 1959 Russ Conway "Roulette"
DO-4083 1959 Frank Ifield "True"
"Sad Am I"
DO-4084 1959 Frank Ifield "Chip Off The Old Block"
"Pale Moon"
DO-4085 1959 Horrie Dargie Quintet "The Alexandra Waltz"
"Autumn Leaves"
DO-4086 1959 Alan Dale & The Casuals "Back In The U.S.A."
"Crackin' Up"
DO-4087 1959 Alan Dale & The Casuals "Love Me All The Time"
"Dancing The Kangaroo Hop"
DO-4088 1959 Little Kid Lex
The Melotone Brothers
"New Year Rock"
"Siya Giya"
DO-4089 1959 Johnny Devlin & The Devils with The Delltones "Pointed Toe Shoes"
"I Was The One"
DO-4090 1959 Johnny Devlin & The Devils with The Delltones "Nervous"
"Why Don't You Believe Me"
DO-4091 1959 John Ashe "The Flyin' Doctor's Flyin' Again"
"Growing The Golden Fleece"
DO-4092 1959 John Ashe "Have Another"
"Flyin' Fox Frolic"
DO-4093 1959 Frank Ifield "Will I Ever"
"Teenage Baby"
DO-4094 1959 Frank Ifield "Ballad Of Ned Kelly"
"Since You Went Away"
DO-4098 1959 Massed Bands of The R.A.N. "Waltzing Matilda"
"My Blue Heaven"
DO-4099 1959 Lionel Long "Searching"
"The Bunyip"
DO-4100 1959 Lionel Long "The Ballad Of Cobb And Co."
"The Girl With The Auburn Hair"
DO-4101 - - -
DO-4102 1959 Alan Dale & The Casuals with The Four Shores "Torment"
"You Threw A Dart"
DO-4103 - - -
DO-4104 Buddy Williams "Hank, It Will Never Be The Same Without You"
"Aren't I Lucky"
DO-4105 Buddy Williams "Rockin' Alone In An Old Rockin' Chair"
"The Rhythm Of The Round-Up"
DO-4106 Buddy Williams "Polling Day"
"Dave Sands"
DO-4107 Reg Lindsay and The Colt Breakers and The Graduates "The Caribbean"
"The Last Waltz With You"
DO-4108 Reg Lindsay and The Colt Breakers "The House Down Willow Lane
"Big Midnight Special"
DO-4110 Slim Dusty "The Pub Rock"
"Aussie Doghouse Blues"
DO-4111 Slim Dusty "Fair Dinkum"
"No Good Baby"
DO-4112 Slim Dusty "Waltzing Matilda
"Down At Charlie Gray's"
DO-4113 Slim Dusty "Keep The Lovelight Shining"
"When You're Short Of A Smoke"
DO-4114 Smoky Dawson "The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door"
"Song Of The Inland"
DO-4115 Smoky Dawson "Only A Leaf"
"Be Careful"
DO-4116 1959 Alan Dale & The Casuals and The Fourshores "Very Young"
"Chewing Gum"
DO-4117 unissued Alan Dale and The Casuals "Tiara"
"Two Innocent Lovers"
DO-4118 Horrie Dargie Quintet The March Hare
Guaglione - They're A Weird Mob
DO-4119 Trevor Day Just Waitin'
I Think Of You
DO-4120 Trevor Day Let Me Be The One
Beyond The Sunset
(Del Fi 4126)
Chan Romero I Don't Care Now
My Little Ruby
(Del Fi 4119)
Chan Romero The Hippy Hippy Shake
If I Had A Way
DO-4126 1960 The De Kroo Brothers
Leo De Kroo
On The Job Too Long
Head Over Heels
DO-4127 1960 The De Kroo Brothers Loveland
'Cause I Like It
DO-4128 1960 Johnny Ashcroft My Love Is A River
Little Boy Lost
DO-4129 Johnny Ashcroft Son Of Old Shep
The Prisoner's Song
DO-4131 1960 Rolf Harris Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
Nick Teen And Al. K. Hall
DO-4133 Buddy Williams Anybody's Lover
The Nightmare
DO-4134 Buddy Williams Christmas Blues
What's The Use
DO-4135 Buddy Williams The Snowy Mountains
Ten Years
DO-4138 Slim Dusty I Don't Want No Woman Around
The Boys Who Never Returned
DO-4139 Slim Dusty Travellin' Through
My Old Aussie Homestead
DO-4140 Slim Dusty Old Home Week
High, Wide And Handsome
DO-4141 1960 Slim Dusty with Dick Carr and his Buckaroos and The Emitrons My Home On The Sunburnt Plains
DO-4143 1960 Johnny Ashcroft Big River
The Flying Red Horse
DO-4144 Johnny Ashcroft Little Kangaroo
You Turn To Cry Over Me
DO-4145 Rick and Thel Carey Standing At The End Of My World
Don't Laugh
DO-4146 Rick and Thel Carey Somebody's Back In Town
DO-4147 Rick and Thel Carey You Thought I Thought
I'm Blaming You
DO-4148 Rick and Thel Carey Talking In Your Sleep
Three Ways Of Knowing
DO-4150 Rolf Harris Lost Little Boy
The Big Black Hat
DO-4152 1960 The Hawkings Brothers with The Gay-Boys Don't Leave Me
Please, Baby, Please
DO-4154 John Ashe The Beer, Boys, Is Here
Since Dad Got Put In Jail
DO-4158 1960 John Konrad's Kaydets Balin' Wire
American Patrol
DO-4160 Buddy Williams Under Western Skies
When The Cactus Is In Bloom
DO-4161 Buddy Williams The Panther
The Spice Of Life
DO-4162 Buddy Williams Roley
My Sleepy Valley Home
DO-4163 Buddy Williams Crazy
Mother Went A-Walking
DO-4164 Chad Morgan You Just Can't Win
Since Dear Mother Died
DO-4166 Rolf Harris Six White Boomers - Part 1
Six White Boomers - Part 2
DO-4167 1962 Rolf Harris Sun-Arise
Tie Me Kangaroos Down Cha Cha
DO-4169 1962 Reg Lindsay South Pacific Shore"
Twinkle Chimes
DO-4170 Reg Lindsay It Tickles
Just For Me
DO-4172 Heather McKean My Shoes Keep Walkin' Back To You
The Man I Used To Know
DO-4175 1960? The De Kroo Brothers Cave In
Love's A Funny Thing
DO-4177 Slim Dusty and his Bushlanders Mareeba's Rodeo Song
The Land Of Lots O' Time
DO-4178 Slim Dusty If You Walk Out That Gate
Wagon Trains North
DO-4179 Slim Dusty The Old Rusty Bell
My Pal Alcohol
DO-4180 Slim Dusty and his Bushlanders Middleton's Rouseabout
I Want A Pardon For Daddy
DO-4182 Johnny Ashcroft A Drop In The Bucket
Fisher's Ghost
DO-4185 Rolf Harris Tame Eagle (Teen Angel)
The Master From The Bush
DO-4187 Trevor Day Strummin' This Old Guitar
Ain't We Lucky
DO-4191 Reg Lindsay I'm Happy Everyday I Live
Nobody Knows But Me
DO-4193 Rick and Thel Carey Man And Women
White Crosses In The Jungle
DO-4198 Slim Dusty The Whispering Bush - with his Bushlanders and The Delltones
Mother's Wedding Band - with Joy Mc Kean
DO-4199 Slim Dusty Mad Jack's Cockatoo
Charlie Gray's Barn Dance
DO-4205 Dusty Rankin "Come In Spinner"
"Little Blue Eyes"
DO-4206 1961 Dusty Rankin with Dick Carr and his Buckaroos "The Drifting Stockman"
DO-4207 Slim Dusty "The Happiest Days Of All"
DO-4225 John Ashe The Squatter's Daughter
The Kookaburra Laughs
DO-4233 ? Gambler
DO-4234 1961 Lionel Long "Botany Bay""
DO-4238 Graeme Bell and his Dixieland Jazz Band "South"
"Ugly Child"
DO-4239 Chad Morgan The Juvenile Delinquent
Take Warning Friend
DO-4240 Chad Morgan Here I Am
Queer Darn Cattle These Women
DO-4241 Slim Dusty Cosy Inn
I'll Take Mine Country Style
DO-4242 1962 Slim Dusty Showers Of Blessings
Big Moon
DO-4243 Slim Dusty The Paper Boy
You've Got The Cleanest Mind
DO-4249 Rolf Harris In The Wet
DO-4251 Arthur Blanch Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
The Strange Little Girl
DO-4252 Buddy Williams Teardrops
I Went Home To Mother
DO-4253 Buddy Williams Journey's End
Gonna Ride Till The Sun Goes Down
DO-4254 Slim Dusty Mother, The Queen Of My Heart
Song Of The Macleay
DO-4255 Slim Dusty Keela Valley
Lonely Lonesome Blues
DO-4257 Reg Lindsay The Country Sound
X's From Down In Texas
DO-4258 Reg Lindsay The Restless One
Under Your Spell Again
DO-4260 Slim Dusty Highway Blues
Moving Away
DO-4277 Arthur Blanch China Doll
Keep It A Secret
DO-4278 Arthur Blanch Our Best Man
If I Had A Television On My Telephone
DO-4279 Reg Lindsay Loose Talk
A Funny Way Of Laughin'
DO-4280 Chad Morgan Come In, Sucker
The Rooster Crowed
DO-4282 1962 Le Garde Twins Bonanza
I'm Movin' On
DO-4286 Rick and Thel Carey Why Do We Go On This Way
Let's Talk It Over
DO-4287 Rick and Thel Carey Thanks For The Lesson
How About Me
DO-4288 Rick and Thel Carey Rusted Love
Let's Pull Together
DO-4293 1963 Rolf Harris My Wrinkles Have Been Pinched
The Ground-Hog Song
DO-4299 1962 Frank Ifield I Remember You
I Listen To My Heart
DO-4303 Johnny Cole We're Gonna Go Fishin'
I Lost Today
DO-4304 Johnny Cole In Like A Lion
Building A Wall Around My Heart
DO-4314 1962 Buster Noblee The Pommy Jackaroo
The Publican's Daughter
DO-4324 Reg Lindsay We're Proud To Call Him Son
A Letter To Tom
DO-4326 1962 Johnny Ashcroft The Girl Behind The Bar
Because My Love Is Gone
DO-4327 1961? Bryan Davies with Orchestra Sad Sixteen
Don’t Love
DO-4329 Rolf Harris Sun, Arise
Someone's Pinched My Winkles
DO-4334 Slim Dusty The Rose In Her Hair
Sweet Talkin' Girl
DO-4335 1960s Slim Dusty and his Bushlanders Train Whistle Blues
The Old Woodshed Do
DO-4336 Slim Dusty Grasshopper Loose In Queensland
The Return Of The Stockman
DO-4339 Slim Dusty Leaning Post
Arajoel Waltz
DO-4344 1963 Pasty Ann Noble Don’t You Ever Change Your Mind
Sour Grapes
DO-4346 1963 Frank Ifield The Wayward Wind
I'm Smiling Now
DO-4358 Rolf Harris Johnny Day
In The Wet
Frank Ifield Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry
DO-4364 1963 Patsy Ann Noble Heartbreak Avenue
I'm Nobody's Baby
DO-4370 1963 Lionel Long Boll Weevil
The Drover's Dream
DO-4374 Buster Noble The Shearer's Cook
Banjo Sam
DO-4376 1963 Johnny Ashcroft Bullroarer
Keepin' Up With The Joneses
DO-4381 Buddy Williams Please Light The Darkness For Me
I've Forgotten How To Cry
DO-4382 Buddy Williams When Jesus Calls
The Cross Of Jesus
DO-4383 Buddy Williams Snow On The Mountain
Back To Alice Springs
DO-4384 Buddy Williams Rockin' Cowboy
True Friends Are So Few
DO-4385 Reg Lindsay Boob-I-Lak
Long Time To Forget
DO-4391 1963 Frank Ifield I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
Waltzing Matilda
DO-4392 1963 Patsy Ann Noble I Was Only Foolin' Myself
Ordinary Love
DO-4395 Reg Lindsay Will Your Lawyer Talk To God
Streets Of Berlin
DO-4397 Le Garde Twins and Reg Lindsay
Reg Lindsay and Le Garde Twins
Don't Let Me Cross Over
I Shall Not Be Moved
DO-4400 - unissued? -
DO-4401 Le Garde Trio "Faded Love"
"Bluebird Of Happiness"
DO-4402 Le Garde Trio "Trouble's Back In Town"
"The Frozen Logger"
Chubby Checker
DO-4405 Rolf Harris "I Know A Man"
"Living It Up"
DO-4421 1963 Frank Ifield "Mule Train"
"One Man's Love"
DO-4425 Slim Dusty "When You're Short Of A Quid"
"Don’t Fool Around Anymore"
DO-4426 Slim Dusty "When The Golden Sliprails Are Down"
"This Chap Who Knows A Lot"
DO-4428 Don Burrows Plus Six Golden Wedding
Titles Theme (From The Bryan Davies Show")
DO-4431 Slim Dusty The Ace Of Hearts
Never Mind
DO-4433 Rick and Thel Carey Would You Mind
Somebody's Dad
DO-4434 Rick and Thel Carey I Love You Best Of All
The First Rose
DO-4435 Rick and Thel Carey Before I Met You
I Heard The Bluebirds Sing
DO-4436 Rick and Thel Carey The Stairs That Namatjira Climbed
When I Went Back To Suvla Bay
DO-4438 1964 Frank Ifield Please
Half As Much
DO-4441 1964 Frank Ifield Say It Isn't So
Don’t Blame Me
DO-4449 Le Garde Twins Ballad Of Ned Kelly
Take Time
DO-4456 Reg Lindsay Take These Chains From My Heart
It's A Little More Like Heaven
DO-4457 Rick and Thel Carey How About Me
Thanks For The Lesson
DO-4458 Slim Dusty and his Bushlanders Namatjira
Rose Of Red River Valley
DO-4460 Slim Dusty Way Out There
A Faded Coat Of Blue
DO-4462 Buddy Williams Way Up North
Pal Of My Heart
DO-4463 Buddy Williams I'm Moving Out
Pretty Girl
DO-4464 Buddy Williams I've Been Around
A Letter To Slim
DO-4465 Chad Morgan There's No Night Out In The Jail
How Dare You Go To Bed
DO-4466 Chad Morgan The Farmyard Yodel
You're Getting Old, Son
DO-4473 1964 Frank Ifield Angry At The Big Oak Tree
Go Tell It On The Mountain
DO-4475 1964 Patsy Ann Noble I Did Nothing Wrong
Better Late Than Never
DO-4477 Rex Dallas Just For You
A Picture And Memories Of You
DO-4478 Rex Dallas Australian Bush Call
I'm Crying In My Beer
DO-4479 1964 Bryan Davies with Orchestra In Your Shoes
Raincoat In The River
DO-4485 Rolf Harris The Court Of King Caractacus
Two Buffalos
DO-4486 Slim Dusty How Will I Go With Him, Mate?
Just Going Home
DO-4495 Reg Lindsay Lonely Road
Scared Of Losing You
DO-4499 Frank Ifield I Should Care
Another Cup Of Coffee
DO-4501 1964 Patsy Ann Noble Private Property
Crack In The Door
DO-4506 Johnny Ashcroft Kimberley Way
Billabong Bill, The Winger
DO-4509 Rolf Harris Ringo For President
Head Hunter
DO-4511 1965 Frank Ifield Summer Is Over
True Love Ways
DO-4519 The Cherokees Seven Daffodils
Are You Back In My World
DO-4520 1964 The Echoes Doin' The Mod
Unforgettable Love
DO-4522 Buster Noble Shearer's Cook
Boomerang Bender
DO-4523 Rolf Harris Click Go The Shears
Botany Bay
DO-4525 Reg Lindsay Trouble In My Arms
I'm Gonna Stop Loving You
DO-4528 1965 Frank Ifield Don’t Make Me Laugh (Don’t Make Me Cry)
Without You (Tres Palabras)
DO-4531 1964 Bryan Davies with Orchestra Tell The Other Guy
My Dream Of You
DO-4533 The Quests Shanty
DO-4537 Slim Dusty Teenage Country Style
You'd Better Be Waiting
DO-4541 Mark Von Berto and his Friends Little Buddy
Shade Of The Blues
DO-4542 196? Mark Von Berto and his Friends Sinful Cinderella
Alone With You
DO-4545 Reg Lindsay My Travelling Night
Find 'Em, Fool 'Em And Leave 'Em Alone
DO-4546 Rolf Harris The Five Young Apprentices
The Farmer Went Out For Some Beer
DO-4547 Reg Lindsay Suvla Bay
Grab Your Saddle Horn And Blow
DO-4548 1965 The Black Knights I Gotta Woman
Angel Of Love
DO-4559 Rolf Harris The Thing
Wild Colonial Boy
DO-4560 1964 Patsy Ann Noble Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
If You Wanna Be More Than Friends
DO-4564 1965 Frank Ifield I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Lonesome No.1
DO-4565 1964 Norm Miller and The Echoes One Day
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
DO-4569 1965 Rolf Harris Iko Iko
Sydney Town
DO-4577 Reg Lindsay A Teardrop On A Rose
All The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo
DO-4580 1964 The Clefs March Of The Siamese Children
Last Night
DO-4581 1964 John Perry Unchained Melody
Two Of The Same
DO-4582 June 1965 The Twilights I'll Be Where You Are
I Don’t Know Where The Wind Will Blow Me
DO-4583 1965 The Esquires Ecnad (The Backward Dance)
Theme From "The Proud Ones"
DO-4584 Slim Dusty Pay Day At The Pub
Wild Rugged Land I Love
DO-4587 The Quests Be My Girl
Don’t Play That Song
DO-4590 Johnny Ashcroft Mrs. Swaggie Joe
DO-4591 1965 Chris Solano The Tears That I Cry
We May Meet Again
DO-4593 Slim Dusty Maple Sugar Sweetheart
Life Is Like A River
DO-4595 Lyn and Graham McCarthy Seven Doves
Out After Ale
DO-4597 Reg Lindsay The Bridge Washed Out
I Don’t Care
DO-4598 Slim Dusty When The Rain Tumbles Down In July
A Word To Texas Jack
DO-4599 The Joy Strings All Alone
He Cares
DO-4602 1965 Frank Ifield Paradise
Goodbye Now
DO-4603 Rick and Thel Carey I've Had It
Goodbye Mr. Brown
DO-4607 1965 John Perry Sleepy Lagoon
Love Has Gone
DO-4608 1965 The D-Coys Come Running To Me
I Don’t Want
DO-4610 Oct. 1965 The Twilights "Come On Home"
Wanted To Sell
DO-4613 The Quests Come On And Shout
DO-4616 1965 Eddie Calvert, "The Man with the Golden Trumpet" Il Silenzio
The Beggars Of Rome
DO-4617 Michel Magne and his Orchestra La Ronde
Maxim's Grande Epoque
DO-4618 1965 Lionel Long True, True Loving
Love Is An Eagle
DO-4619 1965 Ken Dodd Tears
You And I
DO-4620 Chad Morgan The Shearer's Jamboree
The Party In The Local Hotel
DO-4622 Reg Lindsay The Race Is On
Oklahoma Hills
DO-4624 1965 Bobby James & The Vibrants Jezebel
Darling Look At Me
DO-4625 The Pack Do You Believe In Magic?
Things That Bring Me Down
DO-4626 1965 The Seekers The Carnival Is Over
We Shall Not Be Moved
DO-4630 Brian Young Walk Away, Let's Forget, It's Too Late
Kidman, The Cattle King
DO-4631 Rick and Thel Carey Poor Folks
Change Your Ways
DO-4632 Alex Hood Ballad Of Billy Borker
Why Can't You Try (?)
DO-4633 Slim Dusty A Letter From Down Under
Cunamulla Feller
DO-4634 1965 The Gingerbread Men Let The Little Girl Dance
DO-4638 The Quests Love Has Gone
Sound Of Music
DO-4639 1965 John Perry Evergreen
Wait By The Water
DO-4640 Trevor Day A Game Of Swy
The Typical Australian
DO-4641 Ken Dodd The River
Someone Like You
DO-4645 1965 The Zodiacs Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
I Need Your Love
DO-4646 1965 The D-Coys Now Comes A Day
Leaving Here
DO-4648 1965 Frank Ifield I Guess (From The Film "Up Jumped A Swagman")
Then Came She
DO-4652 Reg Lindsay May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
Easy Come, Easy Go
DO-4653 Brian Young The Cattle Duffer
Please Forgive Me, Don’t Forget Me
DO-4654 1966 Rolf Harris Big Dog
Jake The Peg
DO-4658 Feb. 1966 The Twilights "If She Finds Out"
"John Hardy"
Produced by The Twilights
DO-4660 1966 Slim Dusty and Anne I Haven't Changed A Bit
The Decimal Currency Pub
DO-4662 1965 The Harmoniacs Something Called Nothing
Under The Sun
DO-4666 1966 The Seekers Someday, Oneday (Paul Simon-Bruce Woodley)
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
DO-4672 Trevor Day The March On Anzac Day
From Here On In
DO-4674 Frank Ifield Don’t Be Afraid
There'll Be Another Spring
DO-4676 1966 Bobby James & The Vibrants I've Learned
Almost Eighteen
DO-4678 The Tornados Pop-Art Goes Mozart
Too Much In Love To Hear
DO-4682 1965 The Nightbeats What's In A Name
DO-4683 May 1966 The Twilights "Baby, Let Me Take You Home"
You Really Got A Hold On Me
DO-4684 Cyril Stapleton and his Orchestra A Catchy Tune
DO-4685 Rick and Thel Carey Star Of Love
Honky Tonk Girl
DO-4686 David and Jonathan Speak Her Name
Take It While You Can
DO-4689 1966 Susan Holliday Any Day Now
Street Of Dark Despair
DO-4690 Ken Dodd Promises
Thank You For Being You
DO-4691 Eddie Tapp Till The End Of The World Rolls 'Round
If You And Someone Cheated Me
DO-4692 Slim Dusty Dinki Di Aussie
If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here
DO-4695 Johnny Ashcroft Who Pinched Me Kangaroo
DO-4696 1966 The Nightbeats When I'm With You
Love At First Sight
DO-4697 1966 The Y? Four Ability
Evergreen Tree
DO-4698 June 1966 The Twilights Bad Boy
It's Dark
DO-4699 1966 Frank Ifield No One Will Ever Know
I'm Saving All My Love
DO-4701 1966 John Perry Don't Change Me
DO-4702 Vince Hill Merci Cherie
Can't Believe My Eyes
DO-4706 Richard Anthony Cloudy
I Only Dream Of You
DO-4707 Slim Dusty Trumby
The Isa Rodeo
DO-4709 1966 The Clefs Roberta
I Can Only Give You Everything
DO-4711 1966 Johnny Ashcroft They're A Weird Mob
Big Country
DO-4712 1966 The D-Coys Bad Times
You're Against
DO-4714 1966 The Southern Gentlemen A Wonderous Place
I Want You Back Again
DO-4715 Rick and Thel Carey I'll Miss You When You Go
Slowly But Surely
DO-4716 1966 The Vibrants I've Got To Go
Somebody Help Me
DO-4717 Aug. 1966 The Twilights Needle In A Haystack
I Won't Be The Same Without Her
Produced by David McKay
DO-4718 1966 Chaos and Co. Seven Golden Daffodils
It Was You
DO-4719 1966 Ken Dodd More Than Love
I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye To You
DO-4720 Eddie Tapp The Derelict
Lately, Little Darling
DO-4721 The Seekers Walk With Me
We're Moving On
DO-4723 1966 The Y? Four "Honey And Wine"
"Keep A Hold Of What You've Go"t
DO-4725 Rolf Harris Hey Yew Gotta Loight, Boy?
Animals Pop Party
DO-4731 The Quests The Dancer
Roller Coaster Man
DO-4742 Dec. 1966 The Twilights You Got Soul
Yes I Will
DO-4745 Slim Dusty You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's Eyes
DO-4746 1966 Frank Ifield Call Her Your Sweetheart
All My Daydreaming
DO-4747 Lyn and Graham Mc Carthy The Turkey Trial
Bitter Withy
DO-4750 1967 The Seekers Georgy Girl (From The Film)
When The Stars Begin To Fall
DO-4752 Rex Dallas Yodel And Smile
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
DO-4753 1966 The Zodiacs East
DO-4754 Rick and Thel Carey I'll Take The Dog
Why Don’t You Love Me
DO-4755 Eddie Tapp No Hiding Place
Exclusive Selection
DO-4760 Slim Dusty The Old Time Drovers Lament
Night Watch Blues
DO-4761 1967 The Vibrants Danger Zone
Something About You, Baby
DO-4762 Tex Morton Green Grass Of Home
Tex Morton's Protest Song
DO-4763 Gordon Parsons Men Who Are Lost
That's The Kind Of Life I Live
DO-4764 Feb. 1967 The Twilights "What's Wrong With The Way I Live"
Produced by Norman Smith
DO-4766 Ken Dodd Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder
Two Kinds Of Fool
DO-4768 1967 The Vacant Lot Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long
Leaving Here
DO-4769 1967 Art Leonard Our Don Bradman
Our Eleven
DO-4772 Joy and Anne Mc Kean
Joy Mc Kean
Just A Little Bit Longer
Let It End This Way
DO-4775 Frank Ifield Out Of Nowhere
And I Always Will Do
DO-4779 Gordon Waller Speak For Me
Little Nonie
DO-4784 Rick and Thel Carey Family Man
The Deepening Snow
DO-4785 Tex Morton The Cream In Between
21st Birthday
DO-4786 Slim Dusty Happy Jack
A Rose Of Red
DO-4787 May 1967 The Twilights "Young Girl"
"Time And Motion Study Man"
Produced by Norman Smith
DO-4789 1967 The Vibrants "The Letter Song"
"How Sweet It Is" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
DO-4790 1967 The Gingerbread Men Rattler
Gingerbread Man
DO-4791 Rex Dallas "Starlight Serenade
Ellenborough Falls
DO-4794 Joy Mc Kean Davey Darlin'
Just As The Sun Went Down


5000 series, 1967
DO-5001 1967 The Third Party Now It's Time
Russian Spy And I
DO-5002 1967 Sounds of Silence "Runnin' High"
"Blame Yourself"
DO-5003 1967 Judith Durham "The Olive Tree"
"The Non-Performing Lion Quickstep"
DO-5004 1967 Slim Dusty "Since Then"
"Shearing Shed Blues"
DO-5007 1967 Rolf Harris "Borroloola"
DO-5008 1967 Eddie Tapp I'd Need A Million
Test Of Time
DO-5009 1967 Rick and Thel Carey Close Together
I'll Bet I Know Just What You're Gonna Say
DO-5011 1967 Young Idea With A Little Help From My Friends
Colours Of Darkness
DO-5012 1967 Frank Ifield Up-Up And Away
Roses, Moonlight And One Little Bottle Of Wine
DO-5016 1967 Rupert's People Reflections Of Charles Brown
Hold On
DO-5018 1967 Slim Dusty and Anne Daddy's Girl
You Took The Joy Out Of Livin'
DO-5019 1967 Peter Best "Lyndy"
"Colonel Burke Has Pink Suspenders On"
DO-5021 Sep. 1967 The Groove "Simon Says
"With This Ring"
DO-5022 1967 The Seekers On The Other Side
I Wish You Could Be Here
DO-5023 1967 Graham Chapman So Glad We Made It
Time's Run Out
DO-5024 1967 Lionel Long Missin' You
Got A Feelin'
DO-5025 1967 I Nomadi Dio E Morto
Per Fare Un Uomo
DO-5026 1967 Slim Dusty "Music My Dad Played To Me"
"The Desert Lair"
DO-5028 1967 The Vibrants "Don’t Let Your Left Hand Know"
"My Prayer"
DO-5029 Johnny Ashcroft It's The Same Old Story
Honey I Know
DO-5030 1967 The Twilights "Cathy Come Home"
"The Way They Play"
Produced by David McKay
DO-5031 Tex Morton The Jailhouse Window
Barnacle Bill The Sailor
DO-5032 1967 Johnny Farnham "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)"
"In My Room"
Produced by David McKay
DO-5033 The Seekers "When Will The Good Apples Fall"
DO-5034 Rupert's People A Prologue To A Magic World
Dream On My Mind
DO-5037 Rolf Harris I've Never Seen Anything Like It
Willy, Willy
DO-5038 Slim Dusty A Friend Indeed
Slow Down
DO-5039 1967 Peter Best Want You
Carousel Of Love
DO-5043 1967 Judith Durham Again And Again
DO-5046 - - -
DO-5050 - - -
DO-5051 1968 Rolf Harris Pukka Chicken
Here Come The Bees
DO-5052 1968 Johnny Hawker Orchestra "Friday On My Mind"
"I Belong With You"
DO-5053 1967 The Seekers "Emerald City"
"Music Of The World A Turnin'"
DO-5056 - - -
DO-5058 1967 Bev Harrell "Give Me Time"
"One In A Million"
DO-5059 Feb. 1968 The Groove "Soothe Me"
"I See A New Day"
DO-5060 1968 Johnny Farnham Underneath The Arches
Friday Kind Of Monday
DO-5061 1968 Mr. Lee Grant Thanks To You
DO-5062 1968 Lionel Long To The End Of The World
Somewhere In A Rainbow
DO-5063 1968 Solomon King She Wears My Ring
I Get That Feeling Over You
DO-5065 1968 Bryan Davies You Won't Be The Last
The End Of Another Day
DO-5067 1968 Rolf Harris "Hurry Home"
"Paris With You"
DO-5068 1968 Slim Dusty The Min Min Light
Song Of The West
DO-5070 1968 Jay Justin Let The Rest Of The World Go By
How Can You Forget So Easy?
DO-5071 1968 Johnny Ashcroft Another Fool Like Me
I'm Falling In Love With You
DO-5073 1968 Don Partridge Rosie
Going Back To London
DO-5078 1968 Dee Donavan Hello Walls
Main Road
To Happiness

EMI unified series, 1968-72 (Australian recordings)

DO-8302 1968 Joy McKean "Dancing Shoes"
"One More Letter"
DO-8303 1968 Tex Morton "Welcome To The Club"
"I've Got You (Right Out Of My Mind)"
DO-8304 1968 Slim Dusty "Fair Enough"
"Ghosts Of The Golden Mile"
DO-8314 1968 Graham Chapman "Gee I'm Gonna Miss You"
"Here I Am"
DO-8348 1968 Buddy England "Forgive And Forget"
"Loving You Has Made My Life Worthwhile"
DO-8420 July 1968 The Groove "What Is Soul"
"Goin' Back"
DO-8421 1968 Johnny Farnham "I Don't Want To Love You"
DO-8443 1968 The Cliffmores "Michael Alexander"
"You're Gonna Lose That Habit"
DO-8447 1968 Graham Chapman "Now It's My Turn"
"Pardon Me Miss"
DO-8484 1968 NZ Avengers "Love - Hate - Revenge"
"Only Last Year"
DO-8488 1968 Buddy England "Name Of My Sorrow"
"Coral Anne"
DO-8500 1968 Johnny Farnham "Rose Coloured Glasses"
"Scratching My Head"
DO-8532 Oct. 1968 The Groove "You Are The One I Love"
"Merry Go Round"
DO-8604 1968 Johnny Farnham "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
"The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot"
DO-8658 Mar. 1969 The Groove "Relax Me"
"Dance To The Music"
DO-8674 1968 Buddy England "What A Wonderful World"
"In Need Of A Friend"
DO-8699 1969 NZ Avengers "Daniel The Postman"
"Days Of Pearly Spencer"
DO-8710 1969 Russell Morris "The Real Thing"
"It's Only A Matter Of Time"
DO-8711 1969 Terry Britten "2000 Weeks"
"Bargain Day"
DO-8787 1969 Graham Chapman "Goodbye Goodbye"
Another Day Goes By
DO-8811 June 1969 The Groove "The Wind"
"Play The Song"
DO-8827 1969 Johnny Farnham One
Mr. Whippy
DO-8832 date NZ Avengers "Love Is A One Way Ticket"
"I Wouldn't Do That"
DO-8891 1969 Doug Parkinson In Focus "Without You"
DO-8907 1969 Autumn "Mr. Henry's Lollipop Shop"
DO-8965 1970 Johnny Farnham "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"
DO-9062 1970 Yvonne Barrett "Lu"
"Picture Me Gone"
DO-9081 1970 Greg Quill "Fleetwood Plain"
"Song To David"
DO-9234 1970 Johnny Farnham "Comic Conversations"
"Pretty Things"
DO-9328 1970 Johnny Farnham "Christmas Happy"
"The Ringing Reindeer"
DO-9448 1971 Johnny Devlin "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"
DO-9486 1971 Johnny Farnham "Acapulco Sun"
"As Long As Life Goes On"
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Cat. # Date Artist Title
SEGO-70083 1961? Lionel Long Lionel Long
SEGO 70129 - The Twilights Bad Boy
SEGO 70139 - The Twilights Twilights' Time
SEGO-70161 - The Twilights Always
SEGO-70164 1968 Graham Chapman Gee I'm Gonne Miss You
SEGO-70166 July 1969 The Groove Soothe Me
SEGO-71068 1967 Johnny Farnham Sadie
SEGO-70185 1970 Johnny Farnham One


Cat. # Date Artist Title
33OSX-7634 mono 1960? Johnny Devlin The Devil’s Rock
33OSX-7641 mono
SCXO-7506 stereo
1961 Lionel Long Waltzing Matilda
33OSX-7674 mono
SCXO-7674 stereo
1962 Lionel Long The Wild Colonial Boy
33OSX-7693/4 mono
SCXO-7693/4 stereo
1963 Lionel Long The Bold Bushrangers (2LP)
33OSX-7714 1964? Lionel Long Long Ago: Folk Songs of the British Isles
33OCX-7727 1965? Lionel Long Songs of the Sea
33OSX-7733 1965? Lionel Long Songs of a Sunburnt Country
33OSX-7755 1966? Lionel Long Amberwren and Other Folk Songs
33OSX-7779 mono 1966 The Twilights The Twilights
33OSX-7787 mono 1967? Lionel Long Lionel Long Today 
33OSX-7854 mono 1968 John Farnham Sadie
33OSX-7869 mono Apr. 1968 The Groove The Groove
SXCO-7877 mono 1967 Little Pattie The Best of Little Pattie
SECO-7870 stereo 1968 The Twilights Once Upon A Twilight
33OSX-7891 stereo 1968? Johnny Farnham  Everybody Oughta Sing A Song
SCXO-7905 1968 Lionel Long Walkabout
SCXO-7907 1968 The Flying Circus The Flying Circus
SCX0-7920 1970 John Farnham Looking Through A Tear
SCXO-7925 1970 The Flying Circus Prepared in Peace
SCXO-7986 1970? Lionel Long Close Up
OELP-9338 - various Hit Wave Volume 1
OEX-9498 1968 Bryan Davies Together By Myself
OEXLP-9528 - various Hit Wave Volume 3
SDEX-9700 1970 John Farnham Christmas is John Farnham
EMAA-310 1972 John Farnham Johnny Farnham Sings The Shows

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