Approximately Panther

Genre: Documentary
Format: 16mm b/w film
Duration: 30 mins


Director: Peter L. Lamb

Writer/presenter: Douglas Panther

Lynne Randell
Judy Ham
David Flint
Bobby & Laurie
Adrian Rawlins
The Running Jumping Standing Still
The Loved Ones


Made in 1966 by Peter L. Lamb, this little gem of a film is a priceless document of the mid-60s Melbourne scene. Basically an investigation into youth culture, fashion and music, it's hosted and narrated by Go-Set's self-proclaimed "drunken reporter", the chain-smoking Douglas L. Panther.

Panther interviews some of the major 'faces' of the Melbourne scene, including singer Lynne Randell, model Jenny Ham, Thumpin' Tum owner and band manager David Flint, singing duo Bobby & Laurie, and poet Adrian Rawlins. Interspersed with the interviews, and Panther's voice-over observations, there is some priceless footage of Melbourne in 1966 - the drag races, the fashions, Brash's music shop, radio station 3AK and the discos - including a brief glimpse of The Running Jumping Standing Still captured in action at legendary Thumpin' Tum. There's also a terrific film clip of The Loved Ones performing The Loved One (possibly made by Nigel Buesst) and to top it all off, the background music is by The 18th Century Quartet, who (according to Keith Glass) were literally pulled in off the street to record it.

is indebted to Keith Glass for introducing us to this fantastic glimpse of Aussie pop history.

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