Press advertisements for the Biting Eye, probably from Go-Set.
ADRRESS: 56-62 Little Bourke St, Melbourne


Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, in Little Bourke St, The Biting Eye was one of Melbourne most popular discotheques in the mid-to-late 1960s. Writer Stephen Walker has described it as "a junior version of the Tum" (the Thumpin' Tum disco in Little Latrobe Lane). Like most venues of the period in Melbourne, it was not licenced to sell alcohol and so was open to all ages.

Most of the major Melbourne bands of the period played there regularly, and The Masters Apprentices are known to have performed there regularly after relocating to Melbourne from Adelaide in 1966. As the advertisement above shows, the venue also regularly hosted interstate bands such including Sydney's The Missing Links and Steve & The Board.

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