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The Dave Clark Five
"The Big Show" tour, May-June 1965

by Alan Harvey

Tour Details

Tour name: "The Big Show"

Promoter: Kenn Brodziak

The Dave Clark Five (UK)
The Seekers (Australian)
Tommy Quickly (UK)
Bobby & Laurie (Australian)
MPD Ltd (Australian, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney)
The Henchmen (Australian Melbourne only)
The Showmen (Australian, Sydney only)
The Escorts (Australian, Brisbane only)
Tony Worsley & the Blue Jays (Australian, Sydney and Adelaide)

Concert details:
ten concerts over two weeks, starting May 26th, 1965.

Cities Dates and Venues:
Perth: 26th May, Capitol Theatre (2 concerts)
Melbourne: 28 & 29th May, Festival Hall (2 concerts)
Adelaide: 31st May, Centenial Hall (1 concert)
Brisbane: 3rd June, Festival Hall (2 concerts)
Sydney: 4 & 5th June, The Stadium (3 concerts)



The Melbourne concert was compared by radio DJ, Stan "The Man" Rofe. 7000 people attended and the Melbourne Sun reported that the fans made as much noise at this concert as at The Beatles concert! A picture of Judith Durham sitting on Dave Clark's knee was taken backstage at the Melbourne concert and was published in the paper the next day.

  • At the Brisbane concert a minor riot erupted as fans stormed the stage

  • In Adelaide the newspaper reporter left early as he couldn't stand the noise!

  • In Perth the compere was DJ Paul Gardine

  • The DC5 and The Seekers recorded a TV special while touring here.

After the DC5 left Australia they went on to a tour of New Zealand.


from Terry Stacey:
Anyone remember seeing the Dave Clark Five and The Seekers tour? I saw them at Sydney Stadium. I must have gone to see the Seekers because I'd never thought much of the DC5 up until that point. As it turned out The Seekers didn't fit in with the sort of crowd that turned up and got jeered (Judith Durham comments on it too, in her book Colours of My Life). Then the Dave Clark Five hit the stage and they were fantastic, really tight and professional and very punchy. Far better than I ever expected them to be. Tony Worsley and The Blue Jays were supporting them. They were pretty good too and I remember them doing their hit, that Undertakers song, Just a Little Bit with that driving sax sound.


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