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Between 1964 and 1975 radio played a vital part in the social history of Australia and New Zealand, and in the development of local popular music. It was a period that encompassed many changes and innovations: the widespread adoption of the Top 40 format, the introduction of "talkback" radio in 1967, the Radio Ban of 1970, and the momentous events of 1974-75, which saw the introduction of FM broadcasting, the creation of the communnity radio network and the establishment of the ABC's youth-oriented rock music station Double Jay (2JJ).

Click on the menu at left to read about the background to Australian radio in the 60s and 70s -- the beginning of radio in Australia, and how the industry devloped up to the 1960s. As we expand the Radio section, we'll also compile information on the major "pop" radio stations around the country, the DJs, the charts, events like The Radio Ban, and innovations like FM and community broadcasting.

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