Brian Dawe
Writer - Performer - Composer

The multitalented Brian Dawe is best known for his television comedy work and his partnership with John Clarke, but as rock historian Ed Nimmervol recently informed us, Brian "has a bit of a history in music. Before turning to songwriting he worked as promotions manager for what was then Astor Records and played a large part in Neil Diamond's Hot August Night becoming such a mega seller."

As a songwriter, Brian credits include co-writing the award-winning On The Loose Again with Steve Groves (ex-Tin Tin) which Marty Rhone performed at the 1976 International Popular Song Festival in Japan.

In the 1980s Brian moved into comedy, working on several programs for ABC radio. This led to his teaming up with expatriate New Zealand writer and humourist John Clarke, who was already well-known in on both sides of the Tasman in the guise of his classic character Fred Dagg.

The productive and successful Clarke-Dawe collaboration is along with John Doyle and Greig Pickheiver (aka Roy & HG) one of has included their long-running topical 'two-handers' in which they satirise current political events, with Dawe as the straight man cum interviewer and Clarke protraying whatever public figure is in the news at the time, without costume or makeup. They performed this for many years on radio and on the Nine Network's A CURRENT AFFAIR before moving to the ABC's 7.30 REPORT a couple of years ago. They have published three books of their satirical interviews -- Great Interviews of the Twentieth Century, More Great Interviews of the Twentieth Century and Still The Two. The title of the last book is a joke on the Nine Network slogan, "Still The One".

The pair have also made a commercial for the Brotherhood of St Laurence, guest-starred in the ABC's legendary current affairs satire FRONTLINE, made a successful documentary series on men's health, and with KATH & KIM star Gina Reilly they wrote and performed the classic Olympic satire THE GAMES. According to The Age, the pair are currently working on a new satire series to be screened later in the year.

Ed Nimmervol
email to the author, 20 June 2002

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