PETER BAZLEY (d. 1999)

A true rock'n'roll veteran, New Zealand-born guitarist Peter Bazley died in his sleep at his home in Kurri Kurri NSW, in December 1999.

Peter started his career in New Zealand in the late 1950s as a member of The Devils, the backing band for seminal Kiwi rocker Johnny Devlin. He came to Australia with Devlin, and after leaving The Devils he became a member of Lonnie Lee's band The Leemen, one of the top groups of the rock’n’roll era 1959-64. Peter was famed for his lead guitar work on The Leemen’s album Johnny Guitar which became Australia's first national #1 record by a rock band. The Leemen went on to make three more great instrumental albums. Over the last 20-odd years Peter had become known as one of the finest guitarists in the country music scene. 

He had been an invalid since 1994, when he suffered a massive stroke on his way to a show. Tragically, this left him unable to play or speak for the remainder of his life.