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 Robert Moore
ABC journalist and presenter
Born 1936 - Died 1979


Bob Moore joined the ABC in 1960 after studying at the University of Adelaide and at Oxford and training with BBC current affairs, where he worked for the influential PANORAMA series.

He first came to prominence as a FOUR CORNERS correspondent, part of the new team including John Penlington and Frank Bennett that was recruited following the departure of program founder Robert Raymond in 1963. As a reporter, ABC historian Ken Inglis describes him as "lucid, literate and searching". By 1967 Moore was executive producer, but still did a good deal of reporting; at the time Mungo MacCallum called him "the best political interviewer in Australia".

Moore handed over to Sam Lipski in 1968 and went to the USA on a Harkness Fellowship to study television, returning in mid-1970 ,when he devised and presented the shortlived inteview program called PROFILES OF POWER.

His best remembered and most successful role was as host and moderator of the renowned weekly public affairs forum MONDAY CONFERENCE which began in May 1971. Initially it was a small panel discussion, but later in the year Moore expanded the format to include a live studio audience. The lively and often controversial series ran for seven years; it was a major success and on several occcasions it was the ABC's top-rating program in its timeslot.

In 1974 Moore was assigned to the experimental 13 epsiode series ACCESS, which attempted to open ABC public affairs to fuller community participation, but the results were disappointing; the show rated poorly and lasted only one season.

MONDAY CONFERENCE finished in late 1978 although Moore apparently would have preferred it to end a lot sooner. Inglis suggests that he would probably have returned his earlier role as executive producer for FOUR CORNERS, but his distinguished career came to an untimely end when he died suddenly of a heart attack in late 1979.




FOUR CORNERS (1963-67)


ACCESS (1974)

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