An unusual W&G single from 1960, featuring
a photo 
of singer Gaynor Bunning on the label.




Subsidiary labels:

Distributor for: 

Independent Australian record label

186 Batman St, Melbourne 

1953 - 1977

subsidiary of White & Gillespie Pty Ltd

Gem; In

ABC Paramount Records (USA); Ember


W&G Records was the recording and record manufacturing subsidiary of Melbourne printing and engineering firm White & Gillespie (Melb) Pty. Ltd. The company was founded in 1910 when A.E. White and J.D. Gillespie formed a partnership, purchased equipment and began business manufacturing stereotype and electrotype duplicate printing plates. A Sydney division was opened in 1928. Originally sited in Patrick Street, Melbourne the business outgrew its premises twice before moving to new purpose-built premises at 185 A'beckett Street Melbourne in 1938. The same year White & Gillespie set up a wholly owned subsidiary, W&G Record Processing Co. and expanded its operations into the manufacture of radio transcription discs.

At the start of World War II in 1939 White& Gillespie turned over their precision instrument works to the manufacture of navigational aids and range finding devices for guns. 250,000 instruments bearing the W&G trade mark were made during this time and used worldwide by allied forces, although printing plate manufacture continued as the core activity during this period. At the end of the war, the company expanded into drawing instruments. Their range including drafting machine scales, hand scales, slide rules, and other specially-made instruments, which were produced alongside the transcription records still being produced for radio stations.

White & Gillespie continued to develop their recording division during the 1950s. According to the W&G History page, they were the first company in Australia to manufacture the new vinyl micro-groove format, initially on a custom pressing basis. If correct, this would place it before March 1953, when Festival began pressing microgroove records.

Other Australian recording companies began microgroove record production around this time -- EMI and ARC in Sydney both began pressing microgroove records shortly after Festival -- so W&G began to develop their own catalogue to maintain pressing volume, establishing the W&G record label, setting up its own recording studios, pressing plant and a company-owned distribution outlet in each state. The company was soon producing both local and imported recordings for the Australian and New Zealand markets. In the 1960s the company was affectionately nicknamed "Woggle and Goggle" by Geoff Haynes, a disc jockey on Melbourne radio station 3UZ.

From 1956-60 audio engineer Bill Armstrong (who later established the famous Armstrong's Studios) was manager of W&G Records. He established their disc-cutting room and built their recording studio in West Melbourne in 1957. The young Ron Tudor joined W&G as a sales representative just as the new record division was starting up, and over the next ten years he worked his way up through promotion, A&R and production. Ron was the first to record artists such as Diana Trask, Ernie Sigley and The Seekers, the group he was instrumental in getting signed to W&G. Ron left W&G in 1966 and after two years at Astor, set up his own production company (June Productions) in 1968, and founded his own successful labels, Fable Records in 1969, followed by the Bootleg subsidiary in 1973.

In the late 1950s and 1960s W&G played a very significant role in Australian popular music, signing a wide range of local artists, including several groups from the Melbourne 'trad' jazz and folk scenes, including The Red Onions Jazz Band (which featured several future members of The Loved Ones) and Frank Traynor's Jazz Preachers, which consecutively featured Judith Durham and then Margret RoadKnight as lead singers. W&G subsequently signed the newly formed Seekers and released their first LP, just prior to the group's move to the UK. Other notable signings included future country star Diana Trask (1958) and Johnny Chester (1961) who went on to become an A&R manager and house producer for the label. Other W&G recordings were produced by Ron Tudor, who produced The Seekers' first LP, and Russ Thompson, who produced most of Merv Benton's hits.

Artists who recorded for W&G in the late Fifties included Frankie Davidson, Ernie Sigley and renowned jazz guitarist Bruce Clarke who, with his band The Rockers, provided the backing for many W&G recordings of that period. As well as its many Australian acts, from the mid-1950s until 1960 W&G acted as the Australian distributor for the American ABC Paramount (Ampar) label, releasing hit recordings by 'teenage' artists including Paul Anka ("Diana"), The Royal Teens ("Short Shorts") and Danny & The Juniors ("At the Hop"), and mainstream popular artists such as Lloyd Price ("Stagger Lee", "Personality"), George Hamilton IV and husband-and-wife vocalists Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme.

W&G continued to distribute overseas recordings throughout the Sixties, including recordings from the Time label (Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra) and releases as varied as the breakthrough reggae hit "The Israelites" by Desmond Dekker & The Aces, "Silent Night" by Italian opera star Giuseppe Di Stefano and recordings by Trini Lopez, Lonnie Mack, Bobby "Blue" Bland.

Through the 1960s the main W&G label signed many important Melbourne pop acts, including noted instrumental groups The Strangers, The Phantoms, The Cherokees and The Tamlas. Artists and groups who released recordings on W&G and/or In include Merv Benton -- who scored fifteen Top 40 hits in Melbourne -- Margie Bayes, The Blackout, The Breakaways, Bobby Bright, Colin Buckley, Gaynor Bunning, Pat Carroll, The Cherokees, The Chessmen, Johnny Chester, Colin Cook, Roger Dee, Steve Denver, The Echos, Freshwater, The Gingerbreadmen, Freddie Hampton, John Hawes Group, Tony Henry, In-Sect, Johnny Broome & The Handels, The Kravats, Little Gulliver & The Children, The Lonely Ones, The Loved Ones, Johnny Mac, The Marksmen, Betty McQuade, The Mystics, Joe Paparonte, The Pink Finks, The Saxons, Somebody's Image, The Strangers, The Tamlas, The Templars, Terra Nova 5, The Thin Men, Daddy Long Legs and The Spiders (featuring Barry Crocker), Dave Thunder and The MacMen, The Vibrants, Johnny Wade and The Wizzard.

According to singer Merv Benton, his third single, "Be Sweet" / "You're The Dog" (Aug. 1964) was issued as a reaction to criticism the W&G label was getting from Melbourne radio. W&G's two-track studio was fairly basic, even by the standards of the day, and some Melbourne DJs were critical of the poor sound on W&G recordings. This became a perennial problem for Australian artists and led to the long-standing practice of taking major releases to the USA to be mastered, due to Australia's relative lack of expertise in that area, a trend that continued into the late 1970s. Both songs on this single were covers of German pop songs which W&G had sourced through its publishing connections. The instrumental tracks were completely recorded in Germany, and Merv's vocals were overdubbed vocals at the W&G studio.

In the mid-1960s W&G set up a pop subsidiary, the In Records label, which is best known for the classic recordings by The Loved Ones. The In roster included The Blackout, The Chessmen, Johnny Dark, The Elois, John Hawes Group, In-Sect, Little Gulliver & The Children, The Loved Ones, The Probe, The Sect, Somebody's Image and Roland Storm.

W&G continued in the record business into the 1970s, although its share of the record market gradually declined after its heyday in the late Sixties. In 1977, partly due to the introduction of the cassette and its impact of the LP market, the record and instrument plants were sold, along with the instrument process. The rights to the W&G and In catalogues were later leased by the Canetoad label, which has released definitive compilations of W&G and In recording artists like Merv Benton and The Strangers.


Thanks and acknowledgements to Andy of Global Dog Productions for discographical information

From the beginning of its microgroove production in the early 1950s until 1960, W&G's vinyl recordings were numbered in the '000' series, from 001-999. Recordings released under licence from ABC Paramount (Ampar) were catalogued with the prefix "SPN", while Australian recordings were typically prefixed "SL". This system lasted until 1960, when the new '1000' series began. From this point, all W&G recordings were catalogued in the same series -- singles were prefixed "WG-S-", EPs were prefixed "WG-E-" and LPs were usually prefixed "WG-B-" although some LPs were prefixed "WG-F-" and "WG-Q-". The '8000' series for 7" singles began in 1964, and this covered records issued on both the W&G and In labels.

The company also did custom pressings for other companies -- for example, singles pressed for Golden Fleece (which were given away as promotional items at their service stations) were prefixed "GF-", and they also produced a number of promotional records by Frankie Davidson which were made for the Lawrence dry cleaning firm.

W&G '0000' Series

Note: Entries highlighted in yellow indicate American recordings released under licence from the ABC Paramount label.

no number 1963 Frankie Davidson
with The Johnny Hawker Band 
"Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer"
"The Lawrence Rock-A-Cha Cha"
no number 1963 Frankie Davidson
with The Johnny Hawker Orchestra 
"(I Love You) Don't You Forget It"
"Four Corners Theme"
no number 196? Kevin Shegog
with Bruce Clarke's Orch. and Vocal Group 
"Talk Back Trembling Lips"
"How High The Moon"
Custom 1965 The Groop "Mojo"
"Just Like Me"
WG-SPN189 1956 Bernie Wayne  Piff! Paff! Puff!
WG-SPN214 1956 Bernadine Read  Hold Onto Your Heart
Let Me Give You One Last Kiss
(Ampar 9673)
1956 Ralph Waldo Cummings "Pumpkin Juice Perfume"
"Vino, Vino"
WG-SPN256 195? Tom and Dan  "Heart And Soul"
"Blue Moon"
WG-SPN274 1957 Joey Rasa  Angels Never Leave Heaven
WG-SPN294 1957 Lynn Roberts  While The City Sleeps
A Liberal Education
WG-SPN304 195? Jack Carroll  Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
The Story Of James Dean
WG-SL-425 1957 Stan Stafford "Frankie And Johnny"
1957 Ernie Sigley "It Happened Again"
"Love Is A Golden Ring"
(78 rpm)
1957 Ernie Sigley "It Happened Again"
"Love Is A Golden Ring"
WG-SPN427 1957 Jimmy Dorsey "So Rare"
"Sophisticated Swing"
WG-SL-490 1957 Ernie Sigley "I'm Just A Vagabond Lover"
"Love Is Just Around The Corner"
WG-SPN-493 1957 Russ Miller "I Sit In My Window"
"Wait For Me, My Love (Look Away, Look Away)"
WG-SL-495 1958 Stan Stafford  White Silver Sands
Mama Mia
WG-SPN-496   Paul Anka "Diana"
"Don't Gamble With Love"
WG-SPN-541 1957 Paul Anka "I Love You Baby"
"Tell Me That You Love Me"
WG-SL-564 1958 Joan Bilceaux and Heather Horwood  "Corroboree Rock"
"Cuddy Little Koala"
WG-SPN-593 1958 George Hamilton IV "Why Don't They Understand"
"Even Tho"
WG-SPN-594 Paul Anka "You Are My Destiny"
"When I Stop Loving You"
WG-SPN-595 1957 Danny & The Juniors  "At The Hop"
"Sometimes (When I'm All Alone)"
WG-SPN-596 The Royal Teens  "Short Shorts"
"Planet Rock"
WG-SL-633 1958 Diana Trask
with Tom Davidson and his Orchestra
"Going Steady"
"Comes Love"
WG-SL-635 1958 Ernie Sigley
with Tom Davidson and his Orchestra 
"The Big Beat"
"A Woman In Love"
WG-SPN639 1958 Paul Anka  "Let The Bells Keep Ringing"
"Crazy Love"
WG-SPN-655 1958 Eydie Gorme  "You Need Hands"
"Button Up Your Overcoat"
WG-SPN-659 1958 George Hamiton IV "I Know Where I Goin'"
"Who's Taking You To The Prom?"
WG-SPN-663 George Hamilton IV  "Now And For Always"
"One Heart"
WG-SPN-664 1958 Frank Gallup
with Orchestra conducted by Don Costa 
Got A Match?
I Beg Your Pardon
WG-SPN-675 1958 The Pony-Tails  Born Too Late
Come On Joey Dance With Me
WG-SPN-678 1958 Eydie Gorme  Gotta Have Rain
To You, From Me
WG-SPN-679 1958 The Elegants  Little Star
Getting Dizzy
WG-SPN-686 1958 Tommy Clayton and Tom Murray  Nel Blu Dipinot Di Blu (Volare)
Guess Things Happen That Way
WG-SPN-736 1959 Lloyd Price  Stagger Lee
You Need Love
WG-SPN-738 1959 Bill Parsons and his Orchestra  The All American Boy
Rubber Dolly
WG-SPN-739 1959 Paul Anka  (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
That's Love
WG-SPN-756 1959 Nicola Paone  Blah Blah Blah
Ciao Bellezza (So Long Beautiful)
WG-SPN-758 1958 Dodie Stevens  Pink Shoe Laces
Coming Of Age
WG-SL-760 1959 Ernie Sigley  It's Late
Never Be Anyone Else But You
WG-SPN-762 The Virtues  Guitar Boogie Shuffle
Guitar In Orbit
WG-SPN-764 1959 Steve Lawrence (I Don't Care) Only Love Me
Loving Is A Way Of Living
WG-FL-767 1959 Ernie Sigley EP- Ernie Sigley
WG-SPN-768 1959 Paul Anka  I Miss You So
Late Last Night
WG-BL-776 1959 Various Artists  LP - unknown title
WG-SL-777 1959 Denis Gibbons  Take A Message To Mary
WG-SL-779 1959 The Unichords  Tell Him No 
Rock Mister Piper
WG-SPN-800 1959 Lloyd Price  Personality
Have You Ever Had The Blues
WG-SL-802 1959 George Bracken Turn Me Loose
Sea Cruise
WG-SL-803 1959 Heather Horwood with The Unichords  Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye
A Teenager In Love
WG-SL-804 1959 Frankie Davidson with The Unichords  Dream Lover
The Chick
WG-SPN-807 1959 Senor Wences "Deefeecult For You ... Easy For Me"
"'S-All Right? 'S-All Right!"
WG-SPN-808   Paul Anka  Lonely Boy
Your Love
WG-SPN-809 1959 Dodie Stevens The Five Pennies (From The Film)
WG-SL-813 1959 A: Terry King
B: The Four Hounds 
"Chartsville Boogie Rock" (Instrumental)
WG-SL-814 1959 Denis Gibbons  "Here Comes Summer"
"The Overlanders"
WG-SL-815 1959 Bruce Clarke and his Rockers "40 Miles Of Bad Road"
"Bongo Rock"
WG-SL-817 1959 Frankie Davidson
Accomaniment arr. and cond. by Bruce Clarke
"I'll Be Satisfied"
"My Heart Is An Open Book"
WG-SPN-819   Lloyd Price I'm Gonna Get Married
Three Little Pigs
WG-SPN-828 1959 Paul Anka  Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Don't Ever Leave Me
WG-SPN-833 1959 The Islanders  The Enchanted Sea
WG-SL-839 1959 Bruce Clarke and his Rockers Sleepwalk
At The Woodchopper's Ball
WG-SL-840 1959 Frankie Davidson
with Bruce Clarke and The Rockers
"You Are My Sunshine"
"Living Doll"
WG-SL-842 1959 Heather Horwood  "Just In A Dream"
"Cha Cha Swing"
WG-SL-843 1959 The Unichords
with Bruce Clarke and his Rockers
"Tweet Tweet Beat"
"Bone Dome"
WG-SL-856 1959 Bruce Clarke and his Rockers Rockin' Like Wow
Rock Crushers
WG-SPN-870 1959 Paul Anka  It's Time To Cry
Something Has Changed Me
WG-SPN-872 1960 Steve Lawrence  Pretty Blue Eyes
You're Nearer
WG-SL-874 1959 Rod Mc Lennan  "We Got Love"
WG-SL-875 1959 Frankie Davidson
with Bruce Clarke and The Rockers
"The Golden Rocket"
WG-SL-876 1959 George Bracken
with Bruce Clarke and The Rockers 
"Blue Jean Rock"
"Why Don't You Write"
WG-SL-891 1959 Bruce Clarke and his Rockers  Sugar Blues
WG-SL-913 1960 Bruce Clarke and his Rockers  Golden Wedding Rock
Sugar Blues
WG-SPN-915 1960 Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme  This Could Be The Start Of Something
Cheek To Cheek
WG-SPN-921 1960 Paul Anka  Adam And Eve
Puppy Love
WG-SL-933 1960 Frankie Davidson
with The Unichords and The Hi-Marks 
"I Care For You"
"You're Driving Me Crazy
WG-SL-937  1960? Jamie Horton  A: Where's My Love
B: Heartbreakin' Doll
WG-SPN-947 Paul Anka  "My Home Town"
"Something Happened"
WG-SPN-974 1960 Billy Longstreet's Jazz Band  "Milord"
"Blues March"
WG-S-L976 1960 James Bailey "Daddy-O"
"Last Request"
WG-SL-986 1960 Denis Gibbons "The Drover's Dream"
"The Blue Tail Fly"

W&G '1000' Series (1960-1964)

Golden Fleece GF-1013
(Golden Fleece)
Redd Wayne 
Rikki Henderson
"Walk Away"
"Ain't That Lovin' You Baby"
(Golden Fleece)
Bud Baxter and The Beatmen "Do What You Do Do Well"
Golden Fleece 1016
(Golden Fleece)
A: The Jaybirds 
B: Terry Brandon
"Go Now"
"Ferry Crossed The Mersey"
W&G WG-S-1018 Paul Anka I Love You In The Same Old Way 
Hello Young Lovers
Golden Fleece GF-1019 Rikki Henderson Little Things 
W&G WG-S-1019 Eydie Gorme Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home 
When The Saints Go Marching In
W&G WG-S-1023 Jo Ann Campbell A Kookie Little Paradise 
Bobby Bobby Bobby
Golden Fleece GF-1025
(Golden Fleece)
Rikki Henderson A World Of Our Own 
Golden Fleece GF-1029
(Golden Fleece)
The Jaybirds Pride 
Trains, Boats, Planes
W&G WG-S-1049 Paul Anka Summer's Gone 
I'd Have To Share
WG-S-1057 1960 Paul Anka "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
"Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

WG-S-1061 1960 Gaynor Bunning "Milord"
"I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate"
Arranged and conducted by Bruce Clark; produced by Ron Gillespie

WG-S-1074 1960 Frankie Davidson with The Sapphires and The Planetones "Just For Today"
"Pretty Baby"

Paul Anka "The Story Of My Love"
WG-S-1102 1961 Dick Jordan "Angel On My Shoulder" 
"The Next Train Home"

WG-S-1103 1961 The Thunderbirds "Wild Weekend"
"Theme From The Rat Race"

WG-S-1104 1961 Kevin Shegog and The Gold-Toppers "One Small Photograph" 

WG-S-1130 1961 Cathy Jean and The Room-Mates 
Cathy Jean and Charley Macey on Guitar
"Please Love Me Forever" 
"Canadian Sunset"

WG-S-1132 1961 Barry Greenwood with The Sapphires and The Thin Men "I Found A New Romance" 
"Little Angel"

WG-S-1160 1961 Bruce Gillespie with Orchestra "Jenny, Oh Jenny" 
"They Really Don't Know You"

WG-S-1168 1961 Don Duke and Bobby Stevens 
Don Duke
"Are You Sure"
"Theme For A Dream"

WG-S-1170 1961 The Thunderbirds "New Orleans Beat" 
"Delilah" (From The Man With The Golden Arm)

WG-S-1171 1961 "Ping Ping" and Al Verlane "Sucu Sucu" 
"Maria Della Montagna"

WG-S-1173 1960 Johnny Chester with The Thunderbirds "That's How It's Gonna Be" 
"The Hokey-Pokey"

WG-S-1179 1960 Bruce Gillespie with Orchestra "Imagine Me Thinking"
"Two By Two"

WG-S-1180 1961 The Thunderbirds "Teen Scene" 
"Machine Gun"
WG-S-1183 1961 Gaynor Bunning "Unlock Those Chains" 
"My First Love And Last Love"

WG-S-1193 1961 Barry Greenwood with The Sapphires  and The Thin Men "Little Girl In Blue" 
"Baby, I Love You"

WG-S-1215 1961 The Marksmen Lost Guitar 
WG-S-1216 1961 The Mellokings 'Til There Were None 
WG-S-1228 1961 Jack Varney 5 Yellow Bird 
Flying Swan
W&G WG-S-1230 The Penny Rockets Walkout 
W&G WG-S-1251 The Marksmen Hawaiian War Chant 
La Cumparsita
W&G WG-S-1252 Gaynor Bunning Is It All Over Now? 
It's You That I Love
W&G WG-S-1254 Denis Gibbons with The Unichords and The Jack Varney 5 Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) 
The Spinning Wheel
W&G WG-S-1268 Johnny Chester
with The
Can Can Ladies 
What A Night
W&G WG-S-1274 Johnny Chester with The Thunderbirds 1. That's How It's Gonna Be / 2. The Hokey-Pokey 
1. Can Can Ladies / 2. What A Night
W&G WG-S-1275 The Lee-Dalls "Storm" 
W&G WG-S-1280 The Dominoes John Henry (He's Got A Mighty Note) 
Two Brothers
W&G WG-S-1292 The Thunderbirds "Royal Whirl" 
"Yippee Hoedown"
W&G WG-E-1293 The Marksmen EP - "The Marksmen's Hit Parade" 1961
W&G WG-S-1293 The Marksmen Beachcomber
Hawaiian War Chant
La Cumparsita
[don't know side breakdowns]
W&G WG-S-1294 The Sapphires Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? 
The Buzzard
W&G WG-S-1295 The Clovers Beat Walk 
W&G WG-S-1301 Denis Gibbons with
The Unichords and
The Jack Varney 5
The Skye Boat Song
W&G WG-S-1302 Jean Campbell You'll Answer To Me 
Sucu Sucu
W&G WG-S-1331 Frankie
with The Sapphires
Yabba Dabba Doo 
I Told Them All About You
W&G WG-S-1336 Johnny Chester
with The
California Sun 
Shakin' All Over
W&G WG-S-1345 Colin Buckley
with The Lee-Dalls
Love Bug Blues 
My Baby Calls
W&G WG-S-1346 Colin Buckley
with The Lee-Dalls
Love Bug Blues 
My Baby Calls
Time T-S-1352
Hugo Montenegro
and his Orchestra
Take The "A" Train 
One O'Clock Jump
W&G WG-S-1358 Ade Monsbourgh
and his Ragtime Four
Whistling Rufus
W&G WG-E-1360 Johnny Chester
with The
EP - "Hit Parade" 1961
W&G WG-S-1361 Jackie Lee
with The Raindrops
There's No One In The Whole Wild World 
I Was The Last One To Know
W&G WG-S-1365 Rock Martin Bushfire Terror 
The Rocalypso
W&G WG-S-1389 Clinton Ford with
the George Chisholm
All Stars
Fanlight Fanny 
Dream City Lullaby
W&G WG-S-1394 The Teen Beats Smokey 
W&G WG-S-1401 Glarm Kahn "I'm Still In Love With You"
"Don't Let Me Go"
W&G WG-S-1414 Alan Klein "Striped Purple Shirt"
"You Gave Me The Blues"
W&G WG-S-1418 Frankie Davidson with The Sapphires Have You Ever Been To See King's Cross 
I Can't Do The Twist
W&G WG-S-1419 The Thin Men with The Planets Learnin' The Twist 
I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
W&G WG-S-1444 The Marksmen Tailwind 
Beach Party
W&G WG-B-1448 Frankie
LP - "Frankie Davidson's Big 16" 1962
W&G WG-S-1450 The Spotnicks Orange Blossom Special 
The Spotnicks Theme
W&G WG-S-1453 Johnny Chester with Orchestra 
Johnny Chester and his Chessmen
Shy Away 
A Funny Little Feeling
W&G WG-S-1455 Kevin Shegog Wolverton Mountain 
You Weren't Invited But You Were There
W&G WG-S-1461 The Thunderbirds Dardanella 
What! Me Worry?
W&G WG-S-1469 Kevin Shegog Fall-Out Shelter 
W&G WG-S-1474 Frankie Davidson with The Sapphires (I Wanna Stay In) My Home Town 
I've Been In Love Before
W&G WG-S-1480 Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith Foolish Questions - Silly Answers 
W&G WG-S-1498 Dorothy Baker I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain 
My Achin' Heart
W&G WG-S-1503 Jamie Horton Only Forever 
Dear Jane
W&G WG-S-1507 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen Let's Dance 
Forty Days
W&G WG-S-1508 The Chessmen The Rebel 
Outer Sanctum
W&G WG-S-1515 The Taymen The Wayward Wind 
Forbidden City
W&G WG-S-1516 The Firebirds The Longest Day 
Piper's Guitar
W&G WG-B-1520 Dorothy Baker LP - "Dorothy Baker" 1963
W&G WG-S-1522 The Phantoms Stampede 
W&G WG-S-1524 Frank Traynor's
Jazz Preachers
Sweet Patootie 
Ice Cream
W&G WG-S-1533 The Hawking
Under Your Spell Again 
Country Sweet
W&G WG-S-1536 Ned Miller From A Jack To A King 
Parade Of Broken Hearts
W&G WG-S-1537 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen I Love Mary 
Summertime Blues
W&G WG-S-1538 Frankie Davidson with The Sapphires Muldoon The Glutton 
I Want A Snokersorus For Christmas
W&G WG-S-1542 Dorothy Baker Darling 
It's Over Now
W&G WG-S-1543 Frank Traynor's Jazz Preachers The Longest Day 
Muskrat Ramble
W&G WG-S-1544 The Thin Men A Little Bit Now 
I Love You In The Same Old Way
W&G WG-B-1545 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen LP - "Wild And Warm" 1963
W&G WG-S-1550 Colin Cook and The Strangers It's Up To You - with The Thin Men 
Just Another Rumour
W&G WG-S-1551 The Johnny Hawker Band Java 
The Drifter
W&G WG-S-1553 The Strangers The Cry Of The Wild Goose 
Leavin' Town
W&G WG-S-1579 James Gilreath Little Band Of Gold 
I'll Walk With You
W&G WG-S-1583 Bobby Bright with The Strangers and The Thin Men There's A Great Day A-Comin' 
Girls Never Notice Me
W&G WG-S-1584 Ned Miller One Among The Many 
The Man Behind The Gun
W&G WG-E-1590 Dorothy Baker EP - "Dorothy Baker" 1963
W&G WG-S-1593 Dorothy Baker There's No One In The Whole World 
If You Were Losing Him To Me
W&G WG-S-1594 The Hawking Brothers and The Kerry Sisters There'll Be No Tomorrow 
Clinging Vine
W&G WG-S-1595 The Strangers The Outcast 
W&G WG-S-1596 The Phantoms The Two Forty-Two 
The Rumble
W&G WG-S-1609 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen Nick-Nack Paddy Whack 
W&G WG-S-1610 Frankie Davidson The Johnny Hawker Band Jimmy Crack Corn 
True Love (Will Find A Way)
W&G WG-B-1613 The Breakaways LP - "Meet The Breakaways" 1963
W&G WG-Q-1615 The Phantoms LP - "International Hits" 1963
W&G WG-S-1619 Colin Cook and The Strangers Come On Pretty Baby 
Crying Over You
W&G WG-S-1626 Lonnie Mack Memphis 
Down In The Dumps
W&G WG-S-1628 The Thunderbirds Amarillo Stomp 
1 Degree North
W&G WG-S-1646 The Thin Men with The Thunderbirds Here He Comes 
Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
W&G WG-S-1647 Adrian Ussher with The Johnny Hawker Band People Say 
So Sad
W&G WG-S-1649 Bill Collins and The Four Quids Rocked At The Royal 
When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain
W&G WG-S-1650 Frankie Davidson Sally Was A Good Old Girl 
Nothing To Do (And All Day To Do It In)
W&G WG-E-1659 Frankie Davidson EP - "Hit Parade" 1963
W&G WG-E-1661 Johnny Chester EP - "My Blues And I" 1963
W&G WG-S-1665 The Saxons Pedro The Fisherman 
Wild Westerner
W&G WG-S-1672 Trevor Warner with The Strangers My Heart Belongs To You 
It Only Happens
2 Hits Gem
Marilyn Lee
The Starlings
I Wonder 
One Fine Day
2 Hits Gem G-1677
2 Hits Gem
Rikki Henderson 
Ray Pilgrim
Devil In Disguise 
Forget Him
W&G WG-S-1681 The Breakaways The Rockin' Frog 
Blowin' In The Wind
W&G WG-S-1688 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen Come On Everybody 
The Old Copper Kettle - with The Thin Men
W&G WG-S-1691 Pam and Ade Boy Meets Girl 
The Old Apple Tree
W&G WG-S-1693 Adrian Ussher Talk Back Trembling Lips 
Come On Baby
W&G WG-S-1703 Doug Owen Pay Me My Money Down 
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
W&G WG-S-1718 The Saxons I Loved You 
Fred's Farewell
W&G WG-S-1719 The Sabres Ain't Got Time For Nothin' 
Come On, Come On
W&G WG-E-1724 Colin Cook EP - "Colin Cook" 1963
W&G WG-Q-1726 The Saxons LP - "Pedro The Fisherman" 1963
W&G WG-S-1728 Steve Denver and The Phantoms That's The Love 
It's Gonna Take Magic
W&G WG-S-1732 Trini Lopez Jeannie Marie 
Love Me Tonight
W&G WG-S-1735 Peter Posa and his Golden Guitar The White Rabbit 
Honey Be My Honey Bee
W&G WG-B-1746 Johnny Chester LP - "The Best Of Ches." 1963
W&G WG-E-1750 Pam and Ade EP - "Pam And Ade" 1963
W&G WG-S-1761 The Strangers Undertow 
Along The Navajo Trail
W&G WG-S-1781 Pam and Ade Back Together 
An Affair To Remember
W&G WG-S-1783 The Sabres Oh, Pity Me 
W&G WG-E-1790 Charlie Gauld EP - unknown name, probably unissued 1963
W&G WG-E-1791 The Sabres EP - "The Sabres" 1963
W&G WG-S-1792 The Southern Folk Three The Marvellous Toy 
The Kelly's Fatefull Day
W&G WG-S-1794 Lonnie Mack Baby What's Wrong 
Down And Out
W&G WG-S-1797 The Murmaids Popsicles And Icicles 
Comedy And Tragedy
W&G WG-S-1798 Lenore Somerset Mary's Boy Child 
Little Moses
W&G WG-S-1799 Frankie Davidson Have You Ever Been To See London Town? 
Broken Wing
W&G WG-S-1800 Bobby Bright Defeated By His Heart 
You Won't Get A Chance
W&G WG-S-1803 Johnny Chester Teeny 
Do The Stomp
W&G WG-S-1805 Donald Jenkins and The Delighters Somebody Help Me 
W&G WG-S-1809 Colin Cook and The Strangers Surfin' Holiday 
W&G WG-S-1812 Daddy Long Legs and The Spiders (Barry Crocker) High And Dry 
I Can't Do The Stomp
W&G WG-S-1815 The Rivieras California Sun 
H.B. Goose Step
W&G WG-S-1816 Malcolm Arthur Why 
First Dream
W&G WG-S-1819 Adrian Ussher and The Strangers A Week In The Country 
Please Don't Go
W&G WG-S-1826 The Thunderbirds Pink Dominoes 
Walk On The Wild Side
W&G WG-S-1828 The Breakaways You're Just In Love 
Bonaparte's Retreat
W&G WG-S-1831 Pam Bradley Whoops 
Restless Dream
W&G WG-S-1835 The Cherokees Moon In The Afternoon 
Running Wild
W&G WG-S-1836 Steve Denver and The Phantoms Money 
Keep On Dancing
W&G WG-S-1844 Merv Benton and The Tamlas with The Chessmen "Baby Let's Play House"
"Endless Sleep"
W&G WG-S-1849 Elroy Peace You've Got It Made 
I'm Gonna Make It Up To You
W&G WG-B-1850 Colin Cook and The Strangers LP - "Colin Cook and The Strangers" 1964
W&G WG-S-1853 Bobby Bland Ain't Nothing You Can Do 
Honey Child
W&G WG-S-1854 The Rhythm Five The Call Of The Faraway Hills 
Carrot Patch
W&G WG-S-1855 Bruce Rowland and his Orchestra Malibu Sunset 
Rowland Riff
W&G WG-S-1860 The Beetle Bashers The Bearded Beetle 
The Beetle Bashers Beat
W&G WG-S-1861 The Saxons Can Can 
I Almost Lost My Mind
W&G WG-S-1863 The Chessmen Rock And Roll Music 
Like Longhair
W&G WG-B-1864 The Phantoms LP - "The Phantoms" 1964
W&G WG-S-1868 The Breakaways The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise 
W&G WG-S-1869 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen Bye Bye Johnny 
Miss Ann
W&G WG-S-1870 Christine Quaite Tell Me Mama 
In The Middle Of The Floor
W&G WG-S-1871 Tony Sheveton Dance With Me 
A Million Drums
W&G WG-S-1873 The Rivieras Little Donna 
Let's Have A Party
W&G WG-S-1878 The Phantoms Round And Round 
Hava Nagila
W&G WG-S-1882 Kerry Bryant Mama 
There Goes Charlie
W&G WG-S-1883 Johnny Greenwood Star Of The D.J. Show 
Lonely Street
W&G WG-S-1884 Colin Cook Sea Of Love 
High School Romance
W&G WG-S-1885 Merv Benton and The Tamlas with The Strangers Nervous Breakdown 
Doncha Think It's Time
W&G WG-S-1907 The Breakaways The Flipper 
The Wheel
W&G WG-S-1913 Pat Purchase with The Yarra Yarra New Orleans Jazz Band The Mountains Of Mourne 
Sari Marais
W&G WG-B-1914 The Cherokees LP - title unknown, never issued  
W&G WG-B-1915 The Chessmen LP - "Dance Favorites" 1964
W&G WG-B-1916 Merv Benton and The Tamlas LP - "Come On And Get Me" 1964
W&G WG-S-1924 Johnny Mac with The Starrliners Pink Champagne And A Room Of Roses 
It Takes More Than A Big Sombrero
W&G WG-S-1931 The Phantoms Move It 
I Want You
W&G WG-S-1932 The Kravats Puppet Strings 
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
W&G WG-S-1939 Colin Cook Put Me Down 
A Teenager Feels It Too
W&G WG-S-1940 The Chessmen Twistified 
Wild Little Willie
W&G WG-S-1944 Merv Benton Be Sweet 
You're The Dog
W&G WG-S-1946 The Rhythm Five Lost Eternity Theme 
W&G WG-S-1956 The Soul Reps Walk On, Man (Soul Food) 
Shamus O'Toole
W&G WG-S-1962 The Echos Bajjad 
W&G WG-S-1966 Dora Hall So Long Baby 
Bill Bailey
W&G WG-E-1968 Johnny Greenwood EP - ? 1964?
W&G WG-S-1969 The Phantoms The Cruel Sea 
My Babe
W&G WG-B-1973 The Cherokees LP - "The Cherokees" 1964
W&G WG-B-1975 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen LP - title unknown, never issued  
W&G WG-E-1976 Merv Benton and The Tamlas EP - "Merv Benton Hits!" 1964
W&G WG-B-1977 Johnny Mac with The Starrliners LP - "Pink Champagne And Other Favorites"  
W&G WG-S-1980 Adrian Ussher Life Can Have Meaning 
Come On Baby
W&G WG-S-1994 Johnny Mac with The Starrliners Don't Waste Time With Teardrops 
"Down In The Well"
W&G WG-S-1995 The Kravats "Fred"
W&G WG-S-1996 Johnny Chester and his Chessmen "Unless You Care"
Johnny Chester and his Chessmen "Unless You Care"
"(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care"
WG-S-2319 Nov. 1964 Merv Benton "Come On And Get Me"
"(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy"

WG-S-2360 Mar. 1965 Merv Benton "It's Love Baby"
"Goodnight Irene"
WG-S-2384 May 1965 Merv Benton "I Got Burned"
"Cincinnatti Fireball"
WG-S-2432 Aug. 1965 Merv Benton "Yield Not To Temptation"
"Twenty Flight Rock"
WG-S-2474 Oct. 1965 Merv Benton "Don't Destroy Me"
"Can't I Believe It's True"
WG-S-2491 Nov. 1965 Merv Benton "(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy 65"
"Baby Let's Play House"
WG-S-2516 Dec. 1965 Merv Benton "We Got Love"
"Sell My Soul"
WG-S-2545 Feb. 1966 Merv Benton "You've Got What It Takes"
"Shake Rattle And Roll"
WG-S-2601 May 1966 Merv Benton "The Worryin' Kind"
"Big Jack"

W&G 8000 Series (1964 - 1972?)

W&G WG-S-8001 Dorothy Baker "Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby" 
"First Thing Every Morning"
W&G WG-S-8002 Tony Henry with The Breakaways "Searchin'"
W&G WG-S-8004 Margie Bayes "Hey Good Lookin'" 
"Pickin' Up My Hat"
In IN-S-8007 The Loved Ones "Everlovin' Man"
"More Than Love"
W&G WG-S-8009 The In-Sect "I Can See My Love"
"More Than I Can Say"
W&G WG-S-8011 Tony Henry with The Breakaways "Wild One" 
"Honey Love"
W&G WG-S-8015 Merv Benton & The Tamlas "I'll Go Crazy"
"It Hurts Me"
W&G WG-S-8016 The John Hawes Group "My Baby Left Me" 
"I'll Never Let You Go"
W&G WG-S-8021 Johnny Mac with The Starrliners "I Can't Turn Away"
"Yellow Bird"
W&G WG-S-8022 Jackie Day Before It's Too Late 
W&G WG-S-8024 The Kravats The Pain Is Here 
We're Gonna Howl Tonight
In IN-S-8025 The Outer Limits Like A Bird In The Sky 
She's Gotta Go Now
W&G WG-S-8028 Colin Cook and The Strangers "My Gal"
"Handsome Guy"
In IN-S-8029 Annette Steele So In Love 
We're Gonna Stand Up On A Mountain
W&G WG-S-8031 Pat Carroll "He's A Rebel"
"Talk About Love"
W&G WG-S-8033 Tony I Found Her 
All The Time
In IN-S-8035 The Sect Don't Talk To Strangers 
She Don't Love Me
In IN-S-8036 The Blackout Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 
W&G WG-S-8039 Merv Benton and The Tamlas King Of Love 
Who'll Be Next In Line
W&G WG-S-8040 The In-Sect I Am Waiting 
Down And Out
In IN-S-8041 The Loved Ones "Sad Dark Eyes"
"The Woman I Love"
W&G WG-S-8042 Margie Bayes Crazy Love 
I Wanna Wear My New Bikini
W&G WG-S-8044 Tony Henry with The Breakaways Standing Watch 
She Cried
W&G WG-S-8047 Samantha Feelin' Good 
Moody Moon
W&G WG-S-8051 The Casinos Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 
I Still Love You
W&G WG-S-8056 Samantha Vamp 
The Lady Is A Vamp
In IN-S-8057 Annette Steele You'll Never Leave Her 
W&G WG-S-8058 Johnny Mac with The Starrliners Half-Way Up A Hill 
Railroad Tracks
W&G WG-S-8060 The Kravats That's What I Want 
It's Unlikely
In IN-S-8065 The Probe Don't Act Blind 
I Can Never Win
In IN-S-8066 The Loved Ones A Love Like Ours 
The Loverly Car
In IN-S-8067 The Elois I'm A Man 
By My Side
W&G WG-S-8072 Merv Benton and The Tamlas Do It Again A Little Bit Slower 
Bonaparte's Retreat
W&G WG-S-8078 Al Styne "All American Girl" 
In IN-S-8085 The Blackout "Say It Isn't So" 
"Outside Chance"
W&G WG-S-8086 The Tamlas "Bald Headed Lena" 
"I'm Shakin'"
In IN-S-8088 Somebody's Image "Heat Wave"
"When I Come Home"
W&G WG-S-8090 Arthur Campagna "Another Saturday Night" 
"Love Is Good"
In IN-S-8093 The Loved Ones "The Magic Box"
"Love Song"
W&G WG-S-8101 Merv Benton and The Tamlas "Too Many Fish In The Sea"
"You Didn't Have To Be So Nice"
In IN-S-8102 John Vincent and The In-Sect "'Ow Ya Going?"
"Over, Under, Sideways And Down"
W&G WG-S-8109 Giuseppe Di Stefano "Santa Notte (Silent Night)"
Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle
W&G WG-S-8112 Sheil and Mal
Carol of "The Rag Trade"
I Got You 
I'm Reformed
In IN-S-8113 Annette Steele Lazy River 
Run For Shelter
In IN-S-8116 Somebody's Image "Hush"
"Baby Blue (It's All Over Now)"
W&G WG-S-8125 The Clefs "We'll Meet Again"
"Party People"
W&G WG-S-8127 The Factory Walk 
Mr. Promotion
W&G WG-S-8133 Merv Benton & The Tamlas Lovin' Up A Storm 
Come On Up
In IN-S-8141 League of Gentlemen "Spooky"
"Regent Street"
W&G WG-S-8151 John Roberts Moonlight Brings Memories 
The Sound Of Silence
W&G WG-S-8157 The Princeton Singers Good Morning World 
Poor Relations
W&G WG-S-8158 The Johnny Edward Quartette Poor Old World 
To Me, To Me, To Me
W&G WG-S-8176 Jimmy Henderson Set Drive, Drive, Drive
I Gotta Love
W&G WG-S-8179 Kitty Hawkins Goin' Won't Be Easy 
I Gotta Pick Up Harry
W&G WG-S-8185 Desmond Dekker & The Aces
Beverley's All Stars
"The Israelites"
"The Man"
W&G WG-S-8196 Desmond Dekker & The Aces "It Miek"
"My Precious Love"
W&G WG-S-8200 Freshwater "It's In Your Power"
"Together Till The End Of Time"
W&G WG-S-8208 Freshwater "Son Of A Lovin' Man"
"People Gotta Live Together"
W&G WG-S-8216 The Statesmen
W&G WG-S-8217 Gene Autry Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 
Here Comes Santa Claus
W&G WG-S-8240 Ned Miller The Lover's Song 
Cold Grey Bars
W&G WG-S-8241 Ron Lowry Marry Me 
World Champion Fool
Ember WG-S-8252 Desmond Dekker "You Can Get It If You Really Want"
W&G WG-S-8260 Kevin Shegog Little Frisco
Little Curly Hair In A High Chair
W&G WG-S.8266 Giorgio Underdog 
Watch Your Step
W&G WG-S-8286 Maximum Load "Riding Through The Dandenong Ranges"
"Maximum Load"
W&G WG-S-8347 Early Morning featuring Joe and Julie "Rock 'N' Roll Sunshine"
W&G WG-S-8370 Johnny Farnham and Robin Jolley A: "For Christ's Sake Help The Kids"
B: "Hey Rev"


Cat. # Date Artist Titles
WG-FL-934 1960 Frankie Davidson  Detour
WG-E-1191 July 1961 The Thunderbirds The Thunderbirds Play Their Big Six
WG-E-1192 1961 Gaynor Bunning Six Hits From Gaynor Bunning
WG-E-1293 1961 The Marksmen The Marksmen's Hit Parade
WG-E-1293 1961 The Marksmen The Marksmen's Hit Parade
WG-E-1919 1964 Colin Cook Colin Cook
WG-E-1976 1964 Merv Benton and The Tamlas Merv Benton Hits!
WG-BL-845 1959 Bruce Clarke and his Rockers Rockin' Like Wow! Dad
WG-26/1655  1961 The Seekers w/ Ken Ray Introducting The Seekers
WG-B-1850 1964 Colin Cook and The Strangers Colin Cook and The Strangers
WG-25/2675 Dec. 1966 various artists Discotheque Wild Weekend Go! Go! Go!

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