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Manager and promoter, Adelaide, early 1970s

War Machine (SA) 1970-71
Headband (SA) 1970-71?
Fraternity (SA) 1970-72

Myponga rock festival, 1971


Hamish Henry was a young millionaire, entrepreneur and automobile dealer, who lived in a mansion in North Adelaide. In the early 1970s he had a considerable involvement in the Adelaide rock scene as a manager and promoter.

Henry is presumed to have been the major partner in the company Music Power, which organised the 1971 Myponga rock festival. He also managed several Adelaide bands including W.G. Berg (later known as War Machine) Headband and Fraternity. Henry -- who also was a friend of Valentines singer Vince Lovegrove -- reportedly gave Fraternity considerable support and is credited as a producer of their recordings, including their version of Blackfeather's Seasons Of Change.

Henry was a close friend of award-winning artist and photographer Vytas Serelis (b.1946), who photographed some of the musicians associated with Henry, including Fraternity lead singer Bon Scott.

Nothing else is know about Hamish Henry's musical activities at this stage. He is believed to be currently an executive of the Peppertown Playground Company.


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