Category: Australian independent label

Date: ca. 1970-71

Location: Sydney, NSW

Ownership: unknown

Distribution: Festival Records


The shortlived Chart label is chiefly known for its first release and only major hit, Autumn's 1970 cover version of Christie's "Yellow River", and for Jeff St John's classic 1970 version of "Teach Me How To Fly". Nothing is known about the label's ownership, and the dating of the various singles is uncertain. Nevertheless it was relatively productive for such a small and shortlived enterprise -- so far we've identified thirteen singles, two EPs and two LPs -- Autumn's debut album Song to Raymondo and a various artists 'Best of Chart' compilation featuring most of the label's roster.



Cat. # Date Artist Title
PR-200 Aug. 1970 Autumn "Yellow River"
"Hello Suzy"
PR-202 1970 Levi Smith's Clefs "Love Like A Man"
"Take A Piece Of My Heart"
? 1970 Odessa "You Ain't Going Nowhere"
CR-211 1970 Autumn with Dave Allenby
"She works in a woman's way"
"Midnight Special"
CR-212 Jan. 1971 Autumn "Looking Through The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl"
"Song to Raymondo"
CR-213? Mar. 1971 Autumn "Miracles"
"Lady Anne"
CH-214 1970 Jeff St John "Teach Me How To Fly"
"Freedom Blues"
CH-4111 1971 Maple Lace "Can't Stay Away From You"
Produced by Barrie McAskill
CHK-4151 1971 Robin Sinclair "Before the morning"
CHK-4184 1971 Levi Smith's Clefs "Dancing And Drinking"
"Gonna Get A Seizure"
CHK-4251 1971 Robin Sinclair "The Hunting Game"
CHK-4384 1971 Harry Young & Sabbath "Paper Girl"
"Bus Driver's Son"
S-262 1973 Tony Lee "Often"
"Down By A River"


Cat. # Date Artist Title
CHX-11744 1970 A: Autumn
B: Levis Smith's Clefs
The Best of Whisky A-Go-Go
? 1970 Autumn Day Tripper


Cat. # Date Artist Title
SCHL-934254 1970 Autumn Song to Raymondo
SCHL-100 1970? various artists Great Hits of Australia's Big Stars: The Best of Chart Records

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