Category: Australian label

Date: 1960s-1970s

Location: Sydney NSW

Ownership: subsidiary imprint of Festival Records


Calendar was Festival Records' budget label. It operated in the same manner as EMI's Axis label, releasing LPs of "MOR" music sourced locally or from overseas labels, and as a lower-cost resissue label for Festival's in-house pop-rock catalogue and that of affiliate labels such as Linda Lee, Leedon, Spin and Sunshine. No artists recorded directly for Calendar. 

Most issues featured original artwork; the only significant differences on Calndar reissues were a removable orange "Calendar" or "Calendar Hits" sticker on the LP cover, and the substitution of the original labels for ones the Calendar logo.

It appears that Calendar released only LPs. So far we have only identified around 70 album releases, almost all sourced from existing pop-rock discographies, but the label undoubtedly issued many other titles that fall outside the general pop-rock genre.



Cat. # Date Artist Title
R65-6497 ?
Noeleen Batley Noeleen Batley's Christmas Album
? Ray Brown & The Whispers Hits & Brass
reissue of Leedon LL-31798
R66-53 ? Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
reissue of Parlophone PMCO-7525
R66-55 ? Col Joye Classics of Rock, Vol. 2
reissue of Festival FL-31390
R66-57 ? Rob E.G. Play the Guitar with Rob E.G.
reissue of Festival FL-31223
R66-71 ? Warren Carr Lil Ole Me and My Piano
reissue of Leedon LP
R66-73 ?
Normie Rowe It Ain't Necessarily So, But It Is Normie Rowe
reissue of Sunshine QL-31734
R66-115 ? Ray Brown & The Whispers Headin' For The Top
reissue of Leedon LL-31721
R66-190 ? Tony Barber Someday .. Now!
reissue of Spin EL 31882
R66-195 ? The Delltones Best of The Delltones
R66-241 ? The Bee Gees The Bee Gees sing and play 14 Barry Gibb Songs
reissue of Leedon LL 31801
R66-254 ? The Delltones The Golden Hits Of The Golden Groups
reissue of Leedon LL 31339
R66-262 ? Col Joye Classics of Rock
reissue of Festival FL-31078
R66-266 ? The Delltones Come A Little Bit Closer
reissue of Leedon LL 31013
R66-268 ? Col Joye Rhythm & Blues Session
reissue of Festival FL 31672
R66-335 ? Normie Rowe A Wonderful Feeling
reissue of Sunshine QL 31871
R66-348 ? Warren Carr 50 Years of Evergreens
? Johnny O'Keefe The Best of Johnny O'Keefe
R66-449 ? Col Joye Col Joye Sings His Solid Hits
R66-456 ? The De Kroo Brothers The De Kroo Brothers
R66-465 ? Johnny O'Keefe About Love
reissue of Leedon LL 30989
R66-498 ? Warren Carr 36 Hollywood Hits
R66-499 ?
Tony Worsley & Fabulous The Blue Jays Tony Worsley & Fabulous The Blue Jays
reissue of Sunshine QL-31634
R66-502 ? The Playboys Sound Award
reissue of Sunshine QL 31759
R66-522 ? Ross D. Wyllie Uptight Party Time
R66-537 ?
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Poison Ivy
reissue of Linda Lee DL 31391
R66-546 ? Johnny O'Keefe JOhnny O'Keefe Live On The Gold Coast
reissue of
R66-551 ? Judy Stone Got You In My Mind
reissue of Festival L 31331
R66-553 ? Normie Rowe Normie's Hit Happenings
reissue of Sunshine QL-32198
R66-596 ? Johnny O'Keefe Be Careful Of Stones
R66-672 ? Johnny O'Keefe Where The Action Is
unknown ?
various artists Australia's Star Showcase '68.
R66-9128 ? Col Joye & Judy Stone The Best of Col and Judy
reissue of Festival FL 31026
SR66-9918 ? Ronnie Burns The Best of Ronnie Burns
SR66-9943 ? Lonnie Lee The Best of Lonnie Lee
SR66-9970 ?
Various Artists The Stars of Sunbury
R66-9588 ? Ray Brown & The Whispers Same Old Song
reissue of Festival FL 32258
SR66 - 9794 ? Jimmy Little The Best of Jimmy Little
SR66-9830 ? Tex Morton Australian Ballads
R66-9987 ?
Various artists 15 Australian Superstars aka Star Tracks
? ?
Johnny Young The Best of Johnny Young
L-15086 ? The Bee Gees Bee Gees 1st
L-15100 1972? Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Great Hits
L-15266 1974 Lobby Loyde Lobby Loyde
- reissue of Plays with George Guitar (Infinty SINL-934256)
L-15163 ? Johnny O'Keefe King of Rock
R-91241 ? Johnny O'Keefe J.O'K.
? ? The Love Machine The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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