Category: Australian independent label

Date: 1965-66

Location: Perth, WA

Owners: Martin Clarke and Keith MacGowan (see also Clarion Records)

Distributed by: Festival Records


The Perth-based Action label was co-owned by independent producer Martin Clarke and 6PR presenter Keith MacGowan. Established ca. 1965, Action was the shortlived precursor to their very successful Clarion studio and label. It appears to have been established before Clarion, and ceased operation when Clarion was set up. Both labels were distributed nationally by Festival Records.

Only three singles are known to have been released on Action, one each by Ray Hoff & The Offbeats, Maggie Hammond and Mort & The Mobees. As the image above indicates, the Offbeats single had no catalogue number and was identified only by its matrix number; the following two singles were numbered KE-001 and KE-002. It is assumed that all three were recorded locally in Perth  and produced by Martin Clarke.



Cat. # Date Artist Title
MX 25677 1965 Ray Hoff & The Offbeats "Love Love Love" / "I've Got To Get To You" (Downes-Hoff-A.E.Neuman)
KE-001 1966 Maggie Hammond "Isn't It Nice" / "Edelweiss"
KE-002 1966 Mort & The Mobees "Can't You See" / "The Wind Blew Into My Eyes"

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