Australian Films 1964-75


Terryrod Productions (Terry Bourke and Rod Hay)

Film / 35mm / colour / 54 min

Director: Terry Bourke


"A psycho-thriller about a woman terrorised by a crazy drifter when her car crashes in an isolated country area. Originally banned on the grounds of indecency, but finally released uncut."

"Another filmmaker from this period who aimed at a genre audience was Terry Bourke. Bourke's first film was Night of Fear (1973), a short feature originally made as a pilot for the aborted TV series Fright. At first banned on grounds of indecency, the film is about a woman who crashes her car in the middle of nowhere and is subsequently terrorised and murdered by a crazie. There is no dialogue."

Robert Hood: Killer Koalas: Australian (and New Zealand) Horror Films - A History