Australian Films 1964-75

LIBIDO (1973)

Feature film / Producers And Directors Guild Of Australia

Colour film, 35mm / 02:10:20

Directors: David Baker / Tim Burstall / John B. Murray / Fred Schepisi

Producer: Christopher Muir / John B. Murray

Release Date: 06/04/1973

A four part film exploring contemporary sexual mores:

Pt 1: The Husband - An immature, university-educated man sees his dominant wife as a submissive participant in his fantasy sexual orgies.

Pt 2: The Child - A bored, lonely boy, in love with his governess, becomes traumatised when he finds her having sex with a local playboy.

Pt 3: The Priest - The intense, unconsummated, tortuous love between a priest and a nun drives him to a mental breakdown and forces him to leave the church.

Pt 4: The Family Man - While his wife is in hospital after giving birth to their third child, the father and a mate take two women to a beach house. Things do not go as expected.


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