Experimental film - independently produced

B&W Film, 16mm / 00:03:37


Cinematographer, Director, Producer: Phillip Noyce

"This film is an exploration of a specific area of space and time. The space: 360 degrees of action at a traffic inter- section, and the time: the period of waiting before the lights change - the changed value of that time - the illusion that time is running slower than normally. There's an opening section of black intercut with flashing strobe- like images with sounds of shouts, car horns, conveying a strange feeling, then the camera begins its dizzy whirling, continuously rotating through 360 degrees. Every time the camera repeats an area the scene has changed because of the traffic flow. The sound is an incessantly repeated car horn at very high level." - Cantrill's film notes No. 5, August 1971. (SOURCE : Sydney Filmmakers Co-op. Film Catalogue 1972)

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