1969 / short fiction
B&W film / 16mm / 00:52:00

Director: Garry Shead

Editor: Michel Pearce

Music Director: Jeff Doring

Participant: Stefan Sargent

Producer: Michael Hobbs

Sound Recordist: Allen Dunstan

Script Assistant: Rae Jones

Sound Mixer: Harry Medak (Robin Hill Studios)

Cast: Susan Doring / John Firth-Smith /Terry Martin / Michel Pearce / Sally Bruce / Ivan Van Weirengen / Gorden Shead / Nora Shead / Andrew Metcalf / Boyzie

"A major attempt at capturing the urban-Australian lifestyle, it evokes the conflicts of young people in the harbourside city and contrasts the apparent freedom of the countryside. The film is an extension of a series of paintings Shead exhibited in 1967 under the title, Wahroonga Lady in Her Naked Lunch. Its concern is a girl brought up in the bourgeois life of the upper North Shore who meets a painter who has rejected a formalised existence to pursue his art. Her parents find him hard to accept, but the girl breaks away from their repressive family existence to join the artist. Its picture of bourgeois life is amazing in its exactitude and for the naturalistic performances."

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