Experimental-underground short
UBU Films
Colour, 16mm film, sound, 00:05:00

Director/Producer/animation/sound: Albie Thoms


"A hand made film created by scratching and hand-colouring opaque film stock and scratching a soundtrack"

"Bluto was of interest in Australia and overseas for its contribution as kinetic art. It is a very beautiful hand-made scratch film (that is, made by scratching away the film emulsion to produce abstract images; it was created by incising opaque film stock a and hand colouring the incisions). The sound is also produced as a result of this scratching; with the soundtrack area of the film incised 28 frames ahead of the images in order to maintain synchronisation. The film-maker has said that the film was inspired by Paul Klee's notion of "taking a line for a walk" and Jackson Pollock's expressionism. This is a very fine example of the scratch film, it has great depth amd movement."
[Lisa French - Notes for The Censored and Celebrated Film Festival, National Gallery of Victoria, May 1997]

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