Blunderball or From Dr Nofinger With Hate

Ubu Films / 16mm B&W film, sound / 00:21:00

Tuesday 12 April 1966, Union Theatre, Sydney University

A burlesque of the James Bond films. A blundering Aussie spy, Jim Bond (alias Agent Minus 007) battles against master criminals Dr Yes and Ernst Stavro Blowfly


Director, Script, Producer: Albie Thoms
Art Direction, Cinematographer, Editor : David Perry
Camera operator : John Clark
Original music: Python Lee Jackson, The Id
Musical director : Peter Butler
Production manager : Aggy Read
Wardrobe: Susan Howe

Clive Graham (narrator) / Terence McMullen (Jim Bond) / Cam Perry / Brian Mills / George Brandt / Chris Hill / Darcy Waters / Mary Patterson / Arthur King / Richard Brennan / Louis Davis


Thoms wrote the screenplay during 1965 and submitted the completed script to the Ubu collective at a meeting at Thoms' house at 67 Goodhope St Paddington on 26 September 1965. Filmed in early 1966, the locations used included the Manly hydrofoil, Bear Island, Bondi Beach and Pyrmont.

Terry McMullen (Jim Bond) was a lecturer in psychology at Sydney Uni. Music director Peter Butler was a schoolteacher from Waverly College; extras included numerous Sydney University students, OZ editor Richard Neville, and Louis Davis, an Aboriginal printer who operated the letterpress at John Clark's Tula Press, which was also housed in Ubu's headquarters at 54 George St. Redfern. The film featured one of the paintings by Martin Sharp which was shown in his first exhibition in December 1965.

BLUNDERBALL was part of a screening of Sydney Underground Movies presented by UBU at the Dendy Cinema in Melbourne on Sunday May 21 1967 and at the Playhouse Cinema, Canberra on 23-24 May.


Peter Mudie (1997) - UBU Films: Sydney Underground Movies 1965-70

James Bond Merely Muddles Through - Sydney Morning Herald 6/4/66

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