The Sabbat Of The Black Cat

80 min

Director: Terry Marsden


"At least one major tradition of American gothic cinema made an appearance in Australia during the revival of the 1970s -- the Poe-inspired horror film. Sabbat of the Black Cat (1973) was virtually a one-man show partly funded by the EFTF. Director/writer Marsden uses the basic plot of Poe's story, merely expanding it rather than using it as inspiration for something else, as the much more successful 1934 version of The Black Cat did."

From Killer Koalas: Australian (and New Zealand) Horror Films - A History by Robert Hood.

Director Marsden was also producer, screenwriter, photographer and editor, as well as being in the cast. A Poe-inspired film about a man who witnesses a secret ritual and is henceforth tormented by a black cat.

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