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In the early '70s David Pepperell (aka Doctor Pepper) was one of Australia's top rock journalists. His close friendships with leading musicians gave him a unique insight into the burgeoning '70s music scene and he wrote about many of the major bands, venues and events of the period. David's articles form a unique archive of information about Australasian music in those fertile years of the early '70s and we are very fortunate to be able to present some of his best work in this new Features section.

Among the many fine articles that David has kindly allowed us to reproduce are his exclusive Dingoes interview from early 1973 (he was the first writer to interview the band, just weeks after they formed), two major feature articles on Melbourne's fabled Much More Ballroom, and an important retrospective interview with keyboard legend Warren "Pig" Morgan, conducted just after Warren had rejoined the Aztecs following Sunbury '73.

We hope to feature many more of these wonderful articles in the future and we would like to sincerely thank David for his generosity in allowing us to feature them on MILESAGO.

Dr. Pepper articles from Go-Set:

Dr. Pepper articles from Planet:

More to come soon!


The articles were originally published in Go-Set and Planet magazines.
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