Hobart 1972-73

Phil Bradshaw (vocals)
Peter Edwards (guitar)
Simon Gethan (bass)
Robbie Miller (drums)
Len Newman (bass)
Ross Peck (guitar)
Kenny ? (vocals)


This Tasmanian band is one of OzRock's many obscurities. Apart from the lineup and their rather unfortunate name (which suggests a soul-oriented repertoire) the only information we've been able to locate is that they played in and around Hobart during the early '70s and that they made two recordings -- "All Right Now" (presumably a cover of the Free song) and "South Carolina".

These were included on a 1970 compilation LP called Scene, a sampler of Tassie bands of the day, which featured a couple of tracks each by Albino Spade, Bacchus, Medium Cool and Transit.



Two Albino Spade tracks -- "All Right Now" and "South Carolina" were included on the 1970 compilation LP Scene. No other recordings are known.

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